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The 10 Pack (sometimes called Trinton Chronicles - Ten Heroes) is a small collection of short stories (both finished and unfinished works) by Daniel Hopkins, originally web-publishing under the pen name Derick Wren on his personal website and featured some of his more interesting and entertaining ideas at the time.

It all started as imaginary tales in 1992 inspired by a television show called Tale Spin that were later re-invented by inspirations brought about by a later animation called SWAT Kats. The imaginary tales later became hand written stories in 1994 when Dan was only 12 years old, these stories later made their official debut in 1997 in Daniel's high school (a small rural high school in Ohio called Eastern Brown Local) writers-club's paper as a bi-weekly publication that was distributed amongst the school district. Dan made these publications under his pen name, Derick Wren, and wrote the stories till their climatic completion in April of 1999. During that same year Dan re-published his works on his personal web page from GeoCities but the page was censored by GeoCities due to unwanted mention of the words furry and anthropomorphic in the page's description, this caused him to move his page to Angelfire where it had stayed online even after going through many changes. While Dan was working with fellow online writers and friends on Trinton Chronicles his original stories stayed up on his web page until he decided to take down his older works and replace it with Trinton Chronicles: New Genesis, the collaborated work of himself and seven others which resulted from the online game he had created. The 10 Pack was renamed to Ten Heroes after the completion of TC: White Death in 2001 but was never put back up online.

He later suffered a great loss in early 2004 when his hard drive crashed, breaking the disks inside, and thus losing his entire novel of the Ten Heroes. This loss caused him to work on Trinton Chronicles even more, completing 3 more stories and publishing each on on his web space. Since that time he has not written any new stories concerning his original work and currently the story line remains officially closed.

Message from the Author[edit]

"Upon discovering this article on WikiFur linked from Trinton Chronicles I wanted to tell everyone I was really appreciative that you remembered my novice works of the past. I cleaned up the article a little bit, corrected some information, and wanted to add some of my own thoughts on the matter. I didn't like the fact that the original poster laid out the start of a synopsis of my works with out asking me first and have taken that down to express the fact that I'd rather not have it up on the Wiki at this time. As for the fact that my work was well remembered I greatly appreciate that more then anyone would be able to know unless you yourself are an author or artist and know the pain it takes to put ideas to paper and pen. Sadly it's true that my 1502 page novel was utterly erased when my first PC died due to hard drive failure and I do not have any back up copies of the work but thankfully I did keep a copy of my time-line overview but currently trying to find a comic book company or book company interested in perhaps wanting to publish my work. Anyway thank you again, I will come back and edit this later on when I can do so. - April 10/2008."

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