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The 10 Pack, sometimes referred to as Trinton Chronicles: Ten Heroes, was a collection of short stories written by Daniel Hopkins. The stories served as a prequel to Trinton Chronicles.


The 10 Pack was first conceived by Hopkins in 1992, initially drawing inspiration from Disney's TaleSpin and later influenced by SWAT Kats. Hopkins started writing The 10 Pack stories in 1994, which were first released in 1997 as part of a bi-weekly writers club publication distributed amongst Hopkins' eastern Ohio school district. These editions were written under the pen name Derick Wren and were published to completion in April 1999. The stories were published online in the same year.

Whilst working on Trinton Chronicles, Hopkins removed his older work (including the existing The 10 Pack stories) from his website, replacing them with the first collaborative Trinton Chronicles novel, New Genesis. Following the completion of White Death in 2001, The 10 Pack was retroactively renamed Ten Heroes but they were not republished online under this name.

The original text of Ten Heroes, totalling 1,502 pages, was lost in 2004 due to a hard drive failure.

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