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TheOther (born January 2, 1989), is a furry artist residing in California who specializes in non-anthro art, primarily of cervines (deer).

Fandom involvement[edit]

Currently the majority of work consists of sexual parody art of the Disney movie "Bambi" and its sequel. He has stated that his primary artistic influences are artist's Klaus Doberman and TOR, who also are known for their non-anthro art. In fact, it was Klaus Doberman's art that first attracted TheOther to furry art when he first discovered it online in 2002.

TheOther's first contributions to the fandom appeared on Yiffstar and Fur Affinity in early 2007. These early works consisted of colorings of TOR's line art, but soon he became interested creating original works and branching out into other forms of art including photography and erotic literature.

Leaving the fandom[edit]

Unfortunately, after only a few of weeks of participating in the fandom, TheOther dropped out of the scene do to a combination of computer problems and personal issues. All of his art was taken offline, and comments he left on his user pages stated that "he would likely never return".

Returning to the fandom[edit]

However, near the end of 2007, he resurfaced and re-uploaded most of his old art (some had been lost, and for some works only an inferior copy of the original could be obtained). Since his return, TheOther has slowly but surely expanded his gallery with new artwork and an ongoing story series titled "Reawaken The Guardian".

He is noticeably improving his artistic skill as well, especially with the graphics editing program Photoshop CS3. He has also made a number of friends within the fandom, including his long time inspiration Klaus Doberman.

As of the end of 2008, he has only a limited number of works on display, but his rate of art production is steadily increasing as he gains experience and encouragement from those who enjoy his work.

RL life[edit]

Outside of the furry fandom, TheOther enjoys several other passions. He is an amateur surfer and enjoys the beach, which is only a block from his home. He is also studying and training to obtain a private pilots license, and to perhaps one day turn flying into a career.

TheOther is also an avid fan of heavy metal music, especially of the progressive metal genre. His favorite bands include Fates Warning, Queensryche, and Nevermore.

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