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TheFandox (also known as Mars; born July 25, 1995) is a furry artist from Southern California, U.S.A.


Mars' fursona is a fox that has a color scheme similar to a red panda.

When Mars created his fursona, it was originally a red panda. However, when he drew the character for the first few times, the drawings always looked like a fox. He decided to create a unique hybrid that he called a Fandox. Mars' character is a representation of himself if he were a toon.


Mars discovered the furry fandom in January, 2011. Prior to that, he always had a fixation for cartoons, specifically ones with animals as the characters. When he discovered the furry fandom, the concept of anthropomorphic animals quickly piqued his interest.

When Mars first joined the fandom, he began drawing more cartoons, and practiced creating art based on old Disney cartoons and the works of other artists that he followed on Fur Affinity. Now he is an up and coming cartoon artist.

He went temporarily dormant in the furry fandom in October, 2011. He left his original account on Fur Affinity and moved to a second account. He became active again in December, 2012.

Mars officially began a committed relationship & started dating Monsoon, an Arizona native, as of August 27th, 2022

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