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A brown bear rendition of The Bear Guy's fursona, sketched and colored by Mylo.

The Bear Guy (born June 9)[1] is a furry who lives in the United Kingdom.[1] His fursona varies, moving from one type of bear to another.

The Bear Guy is a student of business studies, computing sciences, and biological sciences.

Furry fandom involvement[edit]

The Bear Guy has accounts on more than one IRC server, such as Furtopia, and on websites such as Fur Affinity, and deviantART.[citation needed] He is a member of staff on the Furtopia forums, as a watcher.[2]


The Bear Guy likes to get involved in outdoor activities amid nature, and also enjoys playing roleplay games on the Furtopia forums (as well as posting on the forums and performing his watcher duty), drawing, painting, listening to a wide variety of music, working, having fun with new gadgets, and watchmaking.


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