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That Purple Fox (born January 23, 1992)[1] is a fursuiter, photographer, and musician from Livermore, California, USA. His family moved in 2008 and he now resides in Santa Cruz, California,[1] and attends college where he is pursuing a Masters of Fine Art in Art Photography. He has been a Furry since he was 13 years old.


That Purple Fox's character is a purple Arctic fox/Snow Leopard hybrid. His name is meant to confuse people and originally started out as a joke. ("Hey do you know That Purple Fox?" "Which one?")

TPF has a black stomach, socks, tail-tip, and ears. He also has three leopard spots on each shoulder, and three above his tail. (The way each spot is spaced is an homage to the Splinter Cell game franchise, a favorite of TPF's.) He has six ring piercings on each ear (each one a different color of the rainbow), then six more along the bridge of his nose (with the ball ends each a different color of the rainbow), and a set of purple snakebites.


That Purple Fox is an avid PC Gamer, mainly seen on Warframe, Arma 3 Alpha, Battlefield 3, DayZ, The Hidden: Source, Trouble in Terrorist Town, Second Life, and Far Cry 3. Aside from gaming and photography, he dabbles in welding, writing, fishing, surfing, and kayaking.

TPF has attended Further Confusion annually since 2008, and CaliFur since 2012. He also attends the Crack Chicken furmeet in Santa Clara, and the Frolic party in San Francisco.


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