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For the German furry artist, fursuiter, and videographer, see BigBlueFox.
That Blue Fox's avatar drawn by EmmaTure.

That Blue Fox, also known as B.F. or Blue, is a group leader, photographer, videographer, and discussion forum participant in the furry fandom. He is known for being the founder/admin of East Idaho Furries, a fur group with regional meets throughout Idaho. [1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Captain Fox, art by EmmaTure

That Blue Fox maintained the Blue Fox Furs group on FurAffinity.[1] The group invited all FurAffinity members who were fans of blue foxes or had blue fox, kitsune, or hybrid fursonas to watch and join. As of March 2014, the group appeared to be inactive. [2]

On November 5, 2013, TBF (under the name "Brandon Fox") launched the East Idaho Furries Facebook group, with the stated goal of providing "a dedicated space for furries of Eastern Idaho to discuss and plan local meets, chat, and generally make friends!" The group has since grown to 64 members and has had four "Regional Fur Meets" as of March, 2014. [3]

TBF also maintains a Youtube channel for furry-related videos[4]

On December 2, 2013, TBF became involved in efforts to launch a replacement convention for the defunct FurFright convention. A public poll seeking public selection of the replacement convention's name was provided in TBF's journal, and was endorsed by Bioswoof, leader of the effort to replace the FurFright convention. Infighting amongst voters resulted in the poll being removed, with the eventual name selection, Furpocalypse, being chosen by remaining FurFright staff instead. [5] [6]

Characters and fursonas[edit]

"IggyFloof" drawn by DapperDragon.
  • Brandon Fox (aka B.F. or Blue) - This character is TBF's main fursona in the Furry Fandom. "Blue" is an anthropomorphic, plantigrade Blue Fox described as an airline pilot in the anthropomorphic world, with a mellow character and kind disposition. [7] Blue's design was finalized in cooperation with artist EmmaTure on FurAffinity. [8]
"Thank You For Flying With Us" - Experiment 720 drawn by Petrock.
  • Experiment 720 - "Sky", is a genetic experiment inspired by Disney's Lilo and Stitch and subsequent television series. His experiment number (non-canon) is 720. Sky represents an underdog character whose original purpose was aerial recon, but is hindered by his lack of wings. Sky is colored similarly to Stitch, with brighter blue, yellow and red markings. He sports a tailfin and digitigrade legs. [9]
  • Ignacious Floof - Created in 2012 as a gift character from DapperDragon. "Iggy" is an anthropomorphic grey tabby/lynx hybrid.[10]
  • Skyler Fox - BF's older brother. Skyler is an anthropomorphic, plantigrade marble fox with blue, white, grey and black markings.
Blue Fox Furs profile picture

Convention attendance[edit]


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