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Rikkun the Wolfennec

Thanshuhai, also known as Rikkun (pronounced tan-shu-hai; born December 11), is a half-Filipino, half-Vietnamese freelance furry artist from Lucena, Philippines.[1]


A former Bachelor of Science in Information Technology student, he worked part-time as a cashier and computer technician before becoming an artist.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Thanshuhai has been a part of the furry fandom since April 2012. He was a Guest of Honor at FurryPinas 2019, where he first revealed his Wolfennec fursuit. He created the logo and promotional art for 2014 Philippine Anthro Festival and promotional art for FurSquare 2019.


Thanshuhai's fursona is a wolf-fennec hybrid, who he refers to it as Wolfennec or Wolfen, who loves coffee. He updated his fursona's design and color from brown to grey in January 2017.

His fursona has an alternate species form which is a Sergal hybrid.[2]

Convention attendance[edit]


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