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Thaitails Convention
First iteration January 30, 2016 (in Bangkok)
Subject Furry

Thaitails Convention is a furry convention in Thailand.[1]



The first Thaitails took place on January 30, 2016,[2] at the Glowfish meeting room on the 6th floor of SCB Asok Towers in Bangkok,[3] with the theme "House Party". The guest of honor was freelance artist Piti Yindee.[4]

There were 125 attendees, who donated 4,363.85THB to the Soi Dog chairty.



Thaitails 2017 took place on March 4, 2017,[5] at the AVANI Atrium Bangkok,[5] with the theme "Into the Ocean".[5] The guest of honor was Aunno61, a teacher and artist freelance artist.

There were 154 attendees, who donated 33,550THB to Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand.



Thaitails 2018 took place on March 24, 2018, at the The Bazaar Hotel Bangkok.[6] The theme was "Tribal Spirits", and the guest of honor was Cheetahpaws.[7]

There were 234 attendees, who donated 25,000THB to Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand.


Thaitail Midnight Carnival 2019.png

Thaitails 2019 will be the first time the convention spans two days, and will take on March 23 - 24, 2019. The theme will be "Midnight Carnival", with Sardyuon as the guest of honor. Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand will once again be the selected charity.

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