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Tetchie Razzel is a petite (relatively speaking, considering her height of roughly 95 feet) red squirrel of Eastern European origin, eighteen years of age, who appears in the webomic Not Big and Not Clever. Tetchie is a dark character with deep fiery red fur, dark hair and sharp brown eyes. She usually wears a sandy coloured top supported by tank tracks, sandy coloured shorts and a pair of bulky hiking boots. Her paws are mostly bare, displaying her tan toned skin.

Tetchie was born and raised somewhere in Eastern Europe. She was expelled from schools for failing to control her temper and eventually forced to join the army in a bid to teach her some discipline. Meanwhile, the armed forces around the world had taken a keen interest in a new wave of giant citizens created by the unfortunate events of a medical research laboratory in England. Keen to take advantage of these powerful biological weapons they soon started trying to replicate these colossal mistakes in their own labs.

The Turkish government were the only ones ever successful, disrupting the hormonal patterns of a cadet until she started showing the same growth traits as the victims of the medical research the year prior. However, shortly after the experiment had been perfected, a law was passed that outlawed all such activity for the safety of society and put all the projects into the care of the newly formed A.R.S. (Association for the Relocation of the Supersized) company. Tetchie was the experiment in question.

She was quickly locked up and relocated to a containment centre in Egypt where she spent many depressing years under the watchful eye of A.R.S. officials. Her strict containment orders were finally relaxed to allow her to roam nearby, but still being forced to remain in the same small town steadily added to her inner frustration as she waited to be relocated to a real home.

Tetchie’s personality is a fiery as the colour of her fur. It’s a wonder there’s enough room for blood in her heart for the abundance of hate stored there. She’s a smoker, a drinker and generally a social nightmare. She won’t join in, she won’t be polite and she certainly won’t respect people smaller than herself.

In the most recent comics, it was shown that she could change sizes at will like Snow and Rachel, but she seems to only be able to change between her 95' size and four feet tall, something Cerberus was quick to take advantage of when she was forced to take this form in order to enter the family's house, teasing her remorselessly, to which Tetchie vowed revenge.

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