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Terry Mouse, also know as Terri and Lime Dog/Limedog (real name Terri Sender, born December 19, 1977), is a transgender furry artist who lives in Nevada, USA.[1]


Terry initially lived in Florida with her mon until her passing, subsequently moving out to Nevada to live with some of her friends. She suffers from Moyamoya, a disease that impacts her ability to think, improvise, or even just be creative in general.

Fandom involbvement[edit]

Terry has been a part of the furry fandom since 1994, though her affinity on drawing furry art goes back as far as 1984. She discovered the concept of "furry" while perusing thru AOL's Anthropomorphics image directories, with the first artist Terry got to see being the late Doug Winger.

This led to her discovery of the furry fandom, relieved that there were more people online who not only shared her particular quirk of drawing funny animals but also appreciated it.

Before too long, she was involved in the fandom, such as being was a staff member for Megaplex from 2004 to 2008 (the last year it was still being held in Jacksonville, Florida); for the first two years she was the Scheduling Coordinator, but after some issues, Terry was transferred to badge design until 2008, her last year as a Megaplex staff member.

Despite everything, she attended Furry Spring Break and every instance of Megaplex until 2010, until she was forced to move back down to south Florida with her mom


Over the course of several years, Terry's fursona has changed from a mouse to a ferret to a lime green husky, the latter due to "working as a dog" at LabCorp, and lime green being her favorite color.

Convention attendance[edit]

(*) Staff


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