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Terry Mouse is a furry artist who used to live in Florida, USA.[1] Currently, he now lives in Nevada (having moved as of March 27th, 2018).

Over the course of several years, Terry's fursona has changed from a mouse to a ferret, to a lime green husky (the latter coming from his insistence that his job at LabCorp was working him "like a dog", and his favorite color being green). He can still be represented as a mouse or a ferret, but these days he prefers the lime green husky, and has changed his identity in many places to Lime Dog (or Lime Doge if he is feeling particularly meme-y).


Terry has been a part of the furry fandom since around 1994, though his background in drawing what he would discover to be "furries" dates back to the age of seven. He discovered the concept of "furry" when perusing AOL with his aunt; as she was showing off the image directories on AOL, Terry noticed a strange folder named "Anthropomorphics", and wanted to know what that was. The first artist Terry got to see work from was none other than Doug Winger.

Upon the discovery of this so-called "furry fandom", Terry was finally relieved that there was a whole group of people on-line that not only shared his particular quirk of drawing more funny animals than anything else, but also appreciated it. Before too long, he was heavily involved in the fandom, though, in recent times,[when?] things have calmed down significantly for the mouse/ferret/husky.


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