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Tephos is a fictional location in the Argaea world of Kyell Gold's novels.

This country has rivalry with its neighbor, Ferrenis, with frequent border skirmishes, particularly along the Reysfields.

Much of Volle and Pendant of Fortune take place in Tephos, exploring its religion and political structure. Like Ferrenis, the dominant faith in Tephos is the worship of Gaia and the original ancestors of the different anthropomorphic species that make up the population. Unlike Ferrenis, the Tephossian faith doesn't assign individual ancestors to each of the species, but rather collects them into their biological families (canidae, felidae, ursidae, etcetera).

Divalia, the capital city, is the primary focus of the first novel, Volle. Initially, the titular character, Volle, is led to believe that the country is strictly orthodox, heavily frowning on the carnal indulgenges he enjoyed, but the culture is revealed to be strikingly similar to the openness and groundedness of Ferrenis, as Divalia sports its share of pubs and brothels, notably the Jackal's Staff.

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