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Tenshi is a MU* player of several MUCKs, including Shangrila, YiMU, Shoujo-Ai, and Starlight.


Tenshi is a 14-year-old catgirl hermaphrodite on Shanrila.

Falling through the portal to Shangrila, the female catgirl wounded up losing her entire memories, and she without any real purpose drifted about in the Xanadu Square.

Meeting a few people, she was both happy and sad, depending on who was around here, but she quite enjoyed Maddoc's company..

However, her freedom was sold to the Slavers' Guild when she ended up in a fight with a fellow catgirl, whose owner turned out to be a Slaver, and she ended up spending her time in the corrals of Xanadu Square..

She lost her only friend, Maddoc, when a relative of the Slaver mentioned earlier rented her out to him, letting him turn his fueled anger on her, which lead to her losing her anal virginity, ultimately.

Finally, after a week or so, she got picked up by a woman by the name of Lenneth Valkyrie, a peculiar character whom fell in love with the catgirl.

With quite some troubles and such, Tenshi was finally more or less locked into the apartment they shared, where she spends most of her time, lacking the most of her memories from before she became Lenneth's slave. During this time, the catgirl also became a herm due to Lenneth's powers as a goddess.


On here, Tenshi is a kitsune, but has only one tail due to her young age. Once merely a normal catgirl originatiny from Japan, she's been going through a lot, meeting plenty people, including one person that claimed her for a slave--Ignite.

However, Ignite appears to have left YiMU island behind him, and as such Tenshi became free again, only to give birth to three children that he left her with.

Barely days have passed before she is impregnated again, this time by Nubi, roughly used for only that purpose before thrown away, and she hastily seeks safety under Poojawa's wing, where she gives birth to two children not too long after under the care of Poojawa.

After that, she's been getting on fairly well with her life, even getting a mate, a mother, and ultimately Poojawa became her grandmother/grandfather (the PC often changes sex).

This was when Poojawa made Tenshi into a kitsune, turning the catgirl into a golden-furred and sleek vixen.