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Temrin is a hybrid Feline/Canine/Draconic Canadian fur who resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. Currently Mated to Zee.


Elements of the Wild (by Temrin)
Feeding (by Temrin)

Temrin's looks are deceiving: she appears solely canine on the outside but carries attributes of other species. Her Feline essence is mostly signified by her claws and her sounds. She meows, purrs and has retractable claws. The dragon manifests itself in her forked tongue, slitted pupils as well as horns in her demonic form.

Temrin's base coat is dark gray/black, with a red trim around her ears, her eyes, her fluffy elbow, fingers, toes and has two little red fox-like markings on her muzzle. She is also red from the underside of her neck following her curvaceous form down around her breasts to her crotch. The red extends back at the crease of her buttocks and fans out like two sharp knives. The top of her tail is red, and is large, elegant, and a little poofy.

Temrin can be seen with deep purple Draconic wings.

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