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To use or not to use?[edit]

As templates like this represent a large change in the layout of a person-Article, I'll ask: is there a consensus to use them? In addition to changing the layout, I don't see that they convey anything not already in the article text.--Higgs Raccoon 22:34, 24 May 2009 (UTC)

Templates like this are very good for finding basic information about specific musicians very quickly. I use the similar templates on Wikipedia to find out things about songs, musicians, and other things in this manner, and I believe it is an excellent tool for at least this purpose. It also "wikifies" the pages further, if Wikipedia is the base model for Wikification. To me, templates like this bring together a better sense of organization and readability to wiki articles, and as I've said before, they bring the more basic information about the musician to the forefront for easy finding. :) --ToyoWolf 18:29, 6 June 2009 (UTC)

If we have them, they should be able to incorporate a picture (if they are designed to be the only infobox on the page), and should not distract from the rest of the text through bright colour schemes or heavy contrast. They may be more suitable for deployment once we move to wikifur.com, as there will be an extra 150px on the right hand side without the ads. --GreenReaper(talk) 19:06, 6 June 2009 (UTC)

Roll into a generic person infobox[edit]

If one's used at all. See recent discussion on Template talk:Infobox artist. -- Sine 12:41, 10 June 2011 (EDT)