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Furryfication suggestion[edit]

There is a practice in ru-WikiFur you may find useful. When the topic of an article is in scope, but the article itself lacks furry references, we place a {{Furryfication}} template in it. The translation:

You can help us make this article more topical for WikiFur. Furry characters, furry references and the story should be the focus. Other important details should be described in a clear compact manner to be of interest for an unfamiliar reader.

It, too, signifies that the article is not {{appropriate}}, but tells the potential editor in which direction he or she can improve it. It's also less offensive for the contributors and watchers of the article. Since they put some effort in the article, they shouldn't feel like they did a bad thing; they just didn't get an unwritten rule. EvilCat 17:48, 4 January 2010 (UTC)

I have created two new templates: {{Template:Furry potential}} and {{Template:Furry potential-section}}, which still would have to be approved, if at all by other admins and GreenReaper (sorry about the "furryfication" change, it almost sounded like a medical condition).
As it stands now, here is an hyphotetical situation:
  • Article "X" is in no way furry,... it can either be deleted immediately, or have the {{Template:SpeedyDelete}} slapped on, and deleted within a very short time.
  • Article "Y" is not furry or borderline,... The {{Template:Appropriate}} is slapped on. Unless an immediate Yae or Nae consensus, it's reviewed (updated) three times before final decision on it's fate is made.
  • Article "XY" is not furry, but borderline,... The {{Template:Furry potential}} and {{Template:Furry potential-section}} are slapped on, and the article, portions, or sections, could be rewritten as a new furry article, added to another article or section, or merged with another article or section.
This sounds how to everybody?,...

Furryfication suggestion II[edit]

Of course these long diatribe just went out the window after finding {{Template:Prod}}, which seems the proper process to follow after {{Template:SpeedyDelete}},

Which then I have to asked why was {{Template:Appropriate}} created?. Same function, resolves to same page (Category:Candidates for deletion). Any solution then, which will the the official standard? - Spirou 04:02, 5 January 2010 (UTC)


I noticed that the template isn't used and articles on topics that seem perfectly furry (such as Pound Puppies) keep getting deleted or proposed for deletion. If Pound Puppies was just an article of a toyline and not TV series, then that would be the perfect case for this template. EvilCat 08:15, 7 April 2010 (UTC)