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Could someone with a better understanding of templates fix this somehow? :) --MKerris 18:31, 12 Nov 2005 (UTC)

"Country cat" sounds a lot like the nick of a feline who prefers living out in the country (rather than the city). Unci 19:07, 12 Nov 2005 (UTC)
Hehe, you're right... I'll just rename it as Country category to avoid possible confusion. --MKerris 19:29, 12 Nov 2005 (UTC)

Testing the template[edit]

{{Country category|name=Switzerland}}

...and it indeed works! I'll begin to insert it into the country categories in a while (don't have time to do it at the moment; feel free to start ahead if you like). --MKerris 19:38, 12 Nov 2005 (UTC)