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Ursa Major Award winners for Best Published Illustration
Front cover by XianJaguar for Fur Visions #20 (2001) · Cover by Natasha "Dark Natasha" Mleynek for Furrlough #109 (2002) · Cover painting by Ursula Vernon of Best in Show: Fifteen Years of Outstanding Furry Fiction (2003) · Cover painting by Kacey Miyagami for Fur Plus #22 (2004) · Cover painting by Cybercat for Transformations: A Forest Tales Story (by Bernard Doove) (2005) · Cover painting by Sara Palmer for Pendant of Fortune (by Kyell Gold) (2006) · Cover by Blotch for Fur Affinity: United souvenir book (2007) · Cover by Blotch for Eurofurence 14 con book (2008) · Cover by Blotch for Out of Position (by Kyell Gold) (2009) · Cover by Sara Palmer for Shadow of the Father (by Kyell Gold) (2010)  · Cover by Blotch for Nordguard Book One: Across the Ice (2011)  · Cover by Rukis for Green Fairy (by Kyell Gold) (2012)  · Cover by Blotch for Divisions (by Kyell Gold) (2013)  · Cover by Sabretoothed Ermine for Midwest Furfest 2014 conbook (2014)  · Cover by Kenket for Eurofurence 21 conbook (2015)  · Cover Tracy Butler for Anthrocon 2016 conbook (2016)  · Cover by David Lillie for The Wayward Astronomer (2017)  · Website artwork by Caraid for Furry Weekend Atlanta (2018)  · T-shirt design by Moth Monarch for Furnal Equinox 2019 (2019)  · Cheers! by Lofi, celebratory illustration for Tangletorn (2020)  · A World of Our Own Kathy Kellogg (2021)  · Dragon Party Ais05 (2022)  · The Record Store Squiddy (2023)

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