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Thanks for starting a new article! Here are some things to consider.

Important rules Important tags
  • Don't submit copyrighted work — this includes most websites, even if you cannot see a copyright notice, and includes both portions of text and entire articles.
  • Don't post articles containing only a link to a story on an external news site and no story text. Such pages are quickly deleted.
  • Don't post press releases or personal writings. Follow the neutral point of view policy.
  • Always cite your sources. Facts should be verifiable if possible. If not, you may want to back them up on the discussion page.
  • Help us organize by adding news category tags, like [[Category:Convention news]]. If it doesn't fall into any existing news category, feel free to make a new one!
  • Use this syntax to cite a source: <ref>[http://wherever.com Link title] - Link author, Publisher (date)</ref>

Templates or "tags" are crucial to the workflow of WikiFur News. Some of the most important ones and their effects:

  • {{develop}} - Indicates an story in development. Anyone may contribute to developing stories, but don't expect others to complete yours.
  • {{ready}} - Replace {{develop}} with when you feel the story is ready for publication. Stories without this tag may or may not be finished by others.
  • {{publish}} - To be used when another editor agrees the story is ready. This actually puts it on the front page.