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The goal of the infobox is to aid in allowing easy reading and dissemination of information regarding furry fictional species at the beginning of the article. It includes entries like author, creation date, names, biological information, lore, etc.


{{Infobox fictional species
| name =
| image =
| caption =
| author(s) =
| creation date =
| publishing date =
| alternate name(s) =
| home =
| metazoan =
| type =
| morphology =
| sapience =
| gender =
| locomotion =
| communication =


  • name is the name of the species.
  • image is reserved for a reference image of the species.
  • caption places a caption beneath the image.
  • author(s) indicates the author(s), creator(s), and/or designer(s).
  • creation date, first written/draw representation of the species.
  • publishing date, first commercial/fan media appearance.
  • alternate name(s), other names the species is known as.
  • home is the place of residence (home planet, plane, dream zones, etc...).
  • metazoan indicates the type of animal (mammal, fish, insect, bird, mollusks, jellyfish, etc,...).
  • type classifies the species as a construct, clone, cyborg, or biological.
  • morphology is the species form (full anthro, feral, fish-like, insect, avian, etc,...).
  • sapience indicates human like intelligence. Not to be confused with sentience.
  • gender is the species sex(es).
  • locomotion is the type of motion (terrestrial, aquatic, flight, teleportation, plane/dream jumper, etc...).
  • communication is the type of vocal, sign language, behavior, telepathic, written form of conveying information.