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For citing individual posts (or "tweets") made on the social media platform Twitter. This template is an extension of {{cite web}} with various elements pre-filled.


Common forms[edit]

Common form (with current date)

{{ cite tweet |user= |number= |title= |date= |access-date=2022-10-05 }}

With author

{{ cite tweet |author= |user= |number= |title= |date= |access-date=2022-10-05 }}

With author (first and last name)

{{ cite tweet |last= |first= |user= |number= |title= |date= |access-date=2022-10-05 }}

A deleted tweet, obtained via a web archive

{{ cite tweet |user= |number= |title= |date= |archive-url= |archive-date= |access-date=2022-10-05 }}


{{ cite tweet

Required parameters[edit]

  • number: The ID of the tweet, as seen in the tweet's URL.
  • title: The quoted contents of the tweet.
  • user: The user's Twitter username, excluding the preceding @-sign.

Optional parameters[edit]

  • access-date: The date that the tweet was last successfully accessed, written in YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • archive-url: A link to an archived version of the referenced source hosted elsewhere (e.g. the Wayback Machine), if the source is no longer available or the content has since been altered to remove the cited information. Requires archive-date.
    • archive-date: The date that the archive was created, written in YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • author: The pseudonym, username, or other identifying name of the author of the tweet, if a first and last name are not known. Do not wikilink, use author-link instead.
    • author-link: Works with either author, or first and last, to produce a link to the appropriate wiki article. Does not work with URLs.
    • first: The first name of the author. Requires last.
    • last: The last name of the author.
  • date: The date that the tweet published. This can be a full or partial date expressed in YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • language: The language of the referenced source, if not in English.