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Welcome to WikiFur! Although we appreciate attempts to remove or correct factually incorrect information from articles, your recent edit has us puzzled. You should be aware that WikiFur keeps a history of previous versions of articles, and they can be restored by anyone if they feel your edit does not have any support. When making future edits or providing support for you recent edit, it may help to:

  • Log in to your account or get a free account
  • Leave an edit summary
  • Since WikiFur is an archive of historical furry information, even if some statement is no longer true, storing the historical facts is appropriate for WikiFur. For example if your article says you're a member of a group that you're no longer a member of, you might change it from "DarkMoonGreyWolf is an active member of the group Wolves For A Larger Moon." to "DarkMoonGreyWolf used to be an active member of the group Wolves For A Larger Moon, until he left the group in May 2006." Editors should use judgment to decide whether the fact is of historical importance to the fandom, or could no longer be of any interest.
  • If you are editing an article about yourself, see WikiFur:Personal information.