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Kender's fursona, Teige

Kender3421 (also known as Kender or Kend3r) is an amateur anthropomorphic writer. He has made three series so far.

Kender3421's fursona is a red dingo with blond markings and green hair named Teige Broin.

Written Series[edit]

Time Drifts By[edit]

Time Drifts By is the first series written by Kender3421. It revolves around Teige, Kalli, a female pink rabbit, and their friends as well as the bar that Teige owns and runs. It is mainly a romantic series. As of November, Kender has said that the series is on indefinite hiatus.

Quest for Freedom[edit]

Quest for Freedom is a sci-fi series that is currently in production of the fifth chapter. It revolves around the 'living' ship Sarelin and her crew as they try to make a living as well as trying to avoid the totalitarian government that rules the galaxy.

Gift of Dreaming[edit]

Gift of Dreaming is a brand new series with Teige, his Twin sister Jayna, and their lives at UCLA. This is a non-linking series with Time Drifts By.


Teige Broin is the main fursona of Kender3421. He is a red dingo with blond "tiger stripes" and green hair usually cut in a stylistic fashion. His main clothing is a white button down shirt, a white tank top and jeans with a black belt. He is never seen without a silver chain with his fathers dog tags.

Teige is a mirror image of Kender3421's own appearance and personality.


Teige was born as a twin with Jayna. His mother, Julliana, and father, Brian, were both military but, after the twins' birth, Julli left the marines and became a stay at home mom. They were raised in Texas until they were 5 when Brian was reassigned to Massachusetts. It was here that Julli became pregnant with Teige’s younger brother, Kelly.

Teige lived a normal military brat life with his family until he was 12. One day, Brian was doing a training exercise when an explosion ripped through his unit, wounding several and killing him. The family was devastated.

Two years later, Julli entered back into the dating pool. What would happen would haunt the family for years. Her first date was with a very nice business man who she started to see seriously. A month latter, they got into a very heated argument. This led to the man to overpower Julli and attempt to rape her. The only thing that stopped him was a lead pipe welded by Teige.

Years later, Teige would enter into a relationship with Jayna’s best friend. It would be the first relationship he had. The two dated until the end of his junior year of high school when Liz, his girlfriend, had to move due to her father being reassigned to somewhere else. During this same time, Jayna had a bad relationship of her own. The two sought solace in each other. Things happened and the two ended up sharing a bed for their senior year.

Real life[edit]

Kender3421 lives in Santa Clarita, California with his fiancee and two dogs. He is currently going to school for fire technology. He hopes to become a firefighter.

Before moving to California, Kender was a member of the US Navy. He was born in Milwaukee, WI and works hard to hide his accent.

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