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Rather Dashing's Fursuit

Rather Dashing is a wolf furry from Washington, U.S.A.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Rather Dashing has attended 29 conventions as of August 2014, including: All Fur Fun, RainFurrest, Further Confusion, Furry Weekend Atlanta, Elliott's Spring Gathering, Megaplex, FurFright, and Anthrocon.

He is a DJ and goes by the stage name DJ Sparkles. He was last heard live at Megaplex 2014.


Rather Dashing's fursona is a Sparkle Dog wolf with amber eyes. He has blue, black, green, and purple fur with luminescent yellow and blue markings.

Dashing commissioned a fursuit of his fursona from The Furducers. He later commissioned a version 2.0 suit from Made Fur You, and this made its debut at Further Confusion 2011.

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