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TedSul Manor is a former furry house in Pflugerville, Texas (Austin area), USA, home to LeoBurr and Victor Koopa. It was a regular gathering place of local and frequently visiting furs for gaming/hanging out, and is known as much for the colorful furs such as Andrew (A Wolf Pup from Houston), Raukan Mactira, ChesterGrizz, Xerxes (CheeTiger), TrianglePascal, and more that frequent the video game/board game gatherings as it is the wonderful foods that are served up by the hosts.[citation needed]

The home provided crash space for visiting furs, regional, national, and international. Past visitors have come from Ireland and The UK, Canada, and all over the US.


"TedSul" is a portmanteau of Teddy and Sully, the names of two of Sabre and Victor's cats that reside at TedSul Manor.

TedSul Manor was founded on October 1, 2011. The founding furs were LeoBurr and Victor Koopa, joint owners of the home.

Current occupants[edit]

  • LeoBurr (found on Tapestries as SabreLion/Chester or FurNet as LeoBurr), Twitter as @LeoBurr.
  • Victor Koopa (Found on FurNet) and Twitter as @VictorKoopa

Previous occupants[edit]

  • Liontail (Found on FurNet) - 8/2012-11/2012
  • DrawingKuma - 2013
  • KitsuneKit - 2013
  • Tsukigato - 2013


  • TedSul Manor has been the meeting spot for furs to grab meals before heading to New Braunfels for tubing and summertime fun, as well as providing sleeping space afterward for furs too tired to head home.
  • TedSul Manor regularly hosts tabletop games for up to 6 furs
  • TedSul Manor has two fully furnished guest bedrooms, complete with their own rest rooms. One is for 2-3 day guests, the other is for guests who wish to stay longer. It also has an office with a single bed that sleeps one!
  • TedSul Manor's long-term guest room has a hard limit of 1 month for a visitor. The soft limit is 3 weeks, after which Bear and Victor do their best to make the straggler feel unwelcome.
  • Has a dedicated (non-living room) cinema complete with sound treatments, 102" Screen, with projector calibrated by AccucalHD, as well as THX calibrated audio. The room seats 5 comfortably.
  • Has a small, specialized room for our vulpine guests, playfully known as "The Yerf Room".
  • TedSul's get-togethers are often light on alcohol or sans alcohol.
  • TedSul Manor is lit by 90% LED bulbs, 10% compact fluorescent, and is temperature controlled by NEST thermostats.
  • TedSul Manor has a guest wireless network.
  • It is normal to hear loud death screams while visiting TedSul Manor; Victor is very animated while playing his games. This is completely and totally normal.... move along, nothing to see here.

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