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(Technomancer) Roy j. Digre is a Synthpop/EDM producer from Norway. In the Furry fandom he is a Red fox. Mainly outside of the fandom, Roy considers himself a fan of the Furry culture, not a Furry in general. Roy has ventured into great lengths of production such as getting permission from well known Artist in the Synthpop and EBM scene Stephan Groth known mainly for his band Apoptygma Berzerk to remix/cover tracks. Roy has released many of his own albums and is mostly independent in his producing.


Roy Julian Digre started working with digital music at an early age, making MIDI's on his father's computer and playing the guitar which he learned at Rana's music school. During Junior High he made several albums with Dance eJay 2, playing them for his friends. At the graduation party for his last year at Junior High he performed a song live that was a remixed version of a demo song from an early version of FL Studio, to which his friend Björn-Christian wrote the lyrics for.


Roy has collaborated with some musicians some in the fandom such as Ultra Kitsune.