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Fluffy and Josh

Team Galaxy is an animated television series. The part of Team Galaxy that furries will be most interested in are the Ultrapets.


[edit] Story

Team Galaxy tells the story of 3 young friends who attend Galaxy High, a school which trains students to become Space Marshals who handle missions on far away planets.

[edit] Characters

Although the three main students are human, the school is also host to a number of aliens. Some of the students and teachers are aliens.

[edit] 3 main students

  • Josh, a rebel 17-year-old adrenaline-junkie
  • Yoko, a wannabe pop singer
  • Brett, a headstrong boy-genius

[edit] Teachers

  • Principal Kirkpatrick
  • Mrs. Schragger
  • Mr. Spzoerscliipw’ (aka Mr. S), also of alien origin [1]

[edit] The Ultrapets

Each student is assigned a pet-robot that serves as an aide and companion. They are cute, but if provoked the Ultrapets can transform into a powerful fighting machine. [1]

  • Fluffy, a red robotic dog who is Josh's ultrapet.

[edit] References

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