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Tavatiana is an anthropomorphic rabbit doe in the Gene Catlow webcomic.

She is friends to both Gene Catlow, CatsWhisker, and Cotton Taylor. She is also former premier of the Canovian government, and possesses the Sight of Soul ability to such a great extent that she can control temporal-streams, slowing them down to the point that only she and Cotton can freely move around.

At one time, Tavatiana was betrayed by her counselors, Thade and Drent, to be experimented upon by Micheal Alan Avariss, sterilizing her in the procedure. This was found out by Cotton as he confronted Thade and Drent at gunpoint, but Tavatiana warns Cotton about what might happen after Thade AFTER his time is up without Cotton killing him.

Tavatiana would later meet Marble, a ferret girl in a brief encounter, but Marble was unaware she was being controlled by an evil ethereal being called Karostropov; his presence is unseen except to the viewer but his pupilless purple eyes.

Later on, her sterility would be accidentally cured, and Cotton would later father his future daughter, Michelle. Unfortunatley, the secret of her pregnancy was in danger of being given away by two other Canovian counselors, she asked Gene to make a temporary holographic image around her. Afterward, a living puppet constructed by the ancient Canovians would stand in her place, but ultimately, the Tavatiana puppet would later step down, leaving her aide Thalburd to take over.

Tavatiana and Cotton later transported themselves into the far-flung past of Canovia in secret for the impending birth of Michelle. Both have met a race of ancient Canovians called Demmons, a war-like tribe of Canovian rabbits. Their tribe leader tried to take the already-pregnant Tavatiana as a future breeder, but his own tribesmen stopped him, resulting in their dismemberment. The Demmon tribe leader was later defeated by the Canovian tribe leader, and the Demmons who tried to stop their tribe leader were healed.

As of this writinng, Tavatiana is with Cotton as they search for the first tribe between the mountains of Deviva and Canovia.