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"Lord Mannoroth", a taursuit by Shaggy Griffon. Notice the small wheels under the paws of the secondary hind legs.
Inflatable taursuit at Texas Furry Fiesta 2020. Photo by Bob M. Guthrie.
Dark Ixi Spearman, constructed by Fyuvix, and only worn once, at Otakon 2006[1].

A taursuit or taur suit is a type of fursuit that possesses limb extensions beyond the typical four-limb (or two-arm, two-leg) fursuits that are usually displayed; usually, taursuits involve four legs with two arms, akin to the fictional centaur, chakat or other taur characters in both mythological and modern fiction media.

Managing extra legs[edit]

The options for managing the secondary hindlegs of a taursuit vary, depending upon whether the wearer's (or designer's) desire for the legs to simply move along with the movements of the primary hindlegs (the ones with the wearer's actual limbs slipped inside) or whether there is a desire for the secondary hindlegs to become more autonomous in their function.

Movement-autonomous secondary hindlegs are much harder to construct or accomplish, with suggested solutions going so far as animatronics or pneumatics to accomplish the construction of secondary hindlegs which can be controlled by the wearer rather than by an indirect control through another body part.

Consequently, among attempts to construct taursuits, methods of keeping the secondary hindlegs from being hindrances to the movement of the fursuit and its wearer primarily involve non-autonomous movement of such pseudo-limbs, such as through wheels which sit under the paws of the two secondary hindlegs (as shown in the first example) or through rigging which can allow the wearer to shuffle the secondary hindlegs by hooking them up to the wearer's own legs in the primary forelegs - or a combination of both.


  1. Costume page: At first, I had the legs rigged up to move so that when I moved my left leg, the back right leg moved, etc. The hind legs were made out of foam with fabric hinge joints so that it was basically like one giant marionette. Then the hind legs would attach to two rings sewn into the bottom of the belly, then to my legs so that they would pull straight, and not inwards. Well... In theory it worked, and given more time to complete it, it could have worked perfectly, but shortly after entering the convention center, the fishing line tore through the plastic rings, and the whole rigging was ruined... So they just had to dangle for the rest of the con.

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