Taurid Tales

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Cover of Taurid Tales.

Taurid Tales is a one-shot erotic comic book created by Oscar Marcus in 1998.[1]


Intended for adults only, Taurid Tales contains a number of illustrated stories and pinups themed around taur characters:[1]

  • Story: "Varla and the Minotaur". ("An adventurous young centaurette tries her hand at treasure-hunting.")
  • Illustration: "Love me, love my chain!". ("Varla Woodart models her magical chain of binding!")
  • Story: "Hard target practice". ("Releas Rainarrow, an Elf and Alexia Willowcrest, a Venitaur, in a contest of archery - with a twist - and a surprise ending!")
  • Story: "A tale you can really get into!". ("And yet another surprise, a tale with a surprise beginning!")
  • Illustration: "Okay then, I'll shoot first!". ("Alexia's collar against what you have is the bet this time!")
  • Illustration: "The gloves come off!". ("Tahnhia, a Lamia, relaxes at an abandoned desert outpost.")
  • Illustration: "Souvenir Collectors". ("Lutanzwei a, Gazellataur, and Käterynne, a Unitaur, display a conquest trophy...")
  • Back page illustration: "Varla's first encounter". ("Varla, our centaur heroine faces her first challenge - a huge Minotaur.")


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