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Tala Nynn is a fictional world created by fantasy artist Hannah JS Davis for a future World Encyclopedia.


Tala Nynn is inhabited by various types of peoples consisting of humans, Yerian, Quinn, and Taschevah. The more important people on the planet are Taschevah, a sentient mammal resembling the western dragon, but are not related. Both humanoid peoples and Taschevah live within the same homes, hold jobs, and follow the same laws. The most appreciated part of living on Tala Nynn are the ever common seasonal festivals consisting of numerous tournaments, food, music, and costume processions worn by both parties based around the main polytheistic religion surrounding their main god, Naa, called Naahava. As there are good sides to Naahava, there are also the darker battles to overcome. The BloodDome in the secluded territory of Nukal is an arena where Taschevah fight in bloody battles for fame and for their lives. The strength and endurance the Taschevah will be increasingly important if they ever hope to survive the many hellish battles within and future war as their Sacred Gardens are burned and the souls of the dead may be forever lost.

Naa , the god of life, death, and magic takes the most common form as a magnificent, towering taschevah. Androgynous, Naa has 6 great spiraling horns like that of an Ibex, each horn cradling the six stages of life through death as a kani flower (seed, sprout, plant, flower, wilted dying plant), 2 primary eyes of silver (moons), 2 primary eyes of molten light (suns), the third central eye is pitch black like the universe with a galaxy spiraling in the center (the unknown, magic, and eternity). Naa has no true color and may shift colors, though a favored color seems to remain diluted umber, almost gray. Naa's mane is made of black, silver, and golden strands. Canine tusks erupt from the mouth and curve back and upward towards the forehead where they intricately spiral together forming an oculus for the central black eye.

Teyotshey , the goddess of creation and considered the great Queen of the gods. She requires no use of wings as Teyotshey can blink from one place to the next. She prefers to be seen equal in height to those gazing upon her so they may feel comforted, this comfort is also mastered by her glowing aura. Pure, warm, golden glowing light, Teyotshey has molten golden orbs for eyes with brilliant pupils which seem to float inside their sockets. Her tail is long and the fine hair, like her mane is white gold and flowing as if in water. Both her horns and hooves are blindingly white. Like her creator, Naa, Teyotshey's horns spiral 3 times, yet hers are as smooth as glass.

Ernerohk , God of destruction is a cool silver light whose eyes are the cycles of the moons, they wax and wane and change from white to black. His wildly antlered onyx black horns, though spiraled, radiate a silver luminescence. At closer inspection one could see the stars in their depths. His hooves are equally black, as deep as space itself. Ernerohk keeps his black and silver mane braided tight against his neck.

Tala Nynn[edit]


Tala Nynn is home to numerous continents, two major oceans, and a handful of islands. ((under revision))


The two oceans are Hamun and Capor.

Ecosystem Information[edit]

Indigenous Species[edit]

Plant Life[edit]

There are thousands of plants on Tala Nynn considered bizarre by every means. Although trees are common and resemble those available on earth, many of the giant plants trunks could easily dwarf a house, a certain variety are even related to coral. These coral trees can be found both on land as well as in water and are very prolific. Such coral trees reproduce by the budding of anemone-like flowers. Seaweed-like leaves dangle from thich twisted coral branches. As on earth Tala Nynn is also populated by fruit bearing trees and plants. The most favored fruit tree of all is the IceFruit Tree which produces clear cantelope sized fruits. The fruit, when ripe, is very very cold, sweet, and slushy. The tree itself is the largest with a trunk as wide as a 6 lane highway and as tall as a 10 story building. Other popular plants are liquipod berries, lavender tarts, redblooded purple hearts, and cocoavance.

  • The most important plant is the blue-white Kani flower which has been revered and religiously deemed the “Life, Death, Immortality” flower. These plants are thought to release the souls of the dead into the sky during the new moon of spring where-upon the flowers open and release pollen that, after 10 minutes, begins to glow blue and floats upwards into the heavens. The Gardens of Naa are the burial gardens filled with kani. Here, after cremation, the ashes of the dead are dusted so the flowers may care for the souls until the Naa Festival.

Animal Life[edit]

Tala Nynn is host to a slew of various life forms, many of which closely resemble animals found on earth as well as the extremely strange and unique creatures found only on Tala Nynn.


Tala Nynn is host to three sentient cultures, the Humans, Yerians, Quinn, and the Taschevah. Tala Nynn society consider Taschevah as siblings , or ‘anut’. Taschevah live with their humanoid families for the majority, if not all, of their lives. Not all Taschevah live with people and may live in their own homes and raise their own families. Tala Nynn society must accompany the needs of the Taschevah considering their size. The houses are built to allow free movement for their much larger inhabitants. Just like humans on earth, people wear name band clothing, jewelry, are artists and musicians, millionaires and beggars. There are good people and bad people. Interracial marriage is commonly accepted, although that is not to say there isn’t racism.

  • Average life span: 120-140 years.
  • Common Language: Dukrit (English).
  • Currency: Tang (paper money).
  • Education: 1st Level through 4th Level (elementary through college).
  • Technology: Modern technology with a few advances and considerations taken to suit taschevah. Tv’s, Vehicles, Computers.
  • Religion: The majority of Tala Nynn is Polytheistic; Naahava.


The Humans of Tala Nynn closely resemble humans of earth. They are unique as they have skin patterns such as stripes, blotches, spots, and calico coloring. The various colors are brown, tan, white, and red. They originated from the continent of Eutokka. Pregnancy lasts 12 months.


Yerians resemble the Canine, but humanoid with larger skulls, dexterous hands and fingers, plantigrade feet and walk upright. They also speak the common language as well as their own tongue, Yerish. Yerians originated from the continent of Nanatt. Pregnancy lasts 14 months.


Taschevah are a winged mammalian people coined as "cervibovids" and come in all shapes, sizes and colors, each from it’s own specific place on Tala Nynn. Early taschevah were sexipodal forest dwellers living in small to medium sized communities and stood no taller than 2" at the shoulder. These primal people eventually evolved into the larger more graceful characters they are today.


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