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Taryn, as drawn by Likeshine.

Taryn Lee Zouryx (born September 27, 1986), also known as Taryn Wahboi, Pandabutt, and Pandapawsies, is a furry writer from Nashville, Tennessee. He is best known for being a ParaPara dancer, and has been attended a number of fur cons since early 2008.

He enjoys anime, video games, dance music and all forms of it (namely Eurobeat), bright colors, and most things nerdy.

Taryn currently lives just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, and is attending Middle Tennessee State University. His major is Digital Media Communications, and he is minoring in Japanese language.


Taryn, as drawn by BlueBlur8Lover.

Taryn is a 17-year-old red panda. At 5'4" and 115lbs., he is a excellent definition of the term "twink", although in his family, that simply makes him the runt. He has a rather effeminate, girlish build, although his muscles are toned due to his dancing profession, especially his abs -- but he is not overly muscular. He has blond, medium-length, slightly messy headfur which he styles differently just about every day. He has light purple eyes, and his fur coloring pattern is the same as a typical red panda, boasting the long, exceptionally fluffy tail that the species is so famous for. The only exception is a small, white patch of fur on his right rump cheek, which is shaped curiously like a heart. Taryn's nose and paw pads are a light pink color.

He is an extremely outgoing, energetic, and optimistic red panda. Although his honest heart is generally seen as a good thing, it makes it difficult for him to lie or say "no", and he sometimes trusts people too easily. He tends to be rather gullible, slightly naive, and has a cute, child-like attitude which only helps to enforce the idea that he is much younger than he really is. Regardless of that, Taryn is strong-willed, yet indecisive, and tends to be completely submissive and a bit shy when it comes to relationships. He loves to play like a kid and have childish fun, and is passionate about video games, especially RPG and music-rhythm games.

Taryn is an exceptionally talented dancer, primarily in Japanese ParaPara dancing. Taryn is the leader of a particularly famous dance team, and has won several competitions at various night clubs. He is also gifted with powerful holy and healing-based magic, which explains his deep connection with spirituality, but he stays mostly quiet about it because of a fear that others will think of him as a freak. Taryn is also possesses the gift aeromancy, the ability to manipulate wind, as it is an ability passed down through his mother's bloodline.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Taryn participated in the Furry Variety Show at RCFM in 2008, demonstrating a ParaPara dance.

Cons attended[edit]


  • Taryn choreographed ParaPara dance routines to Eurobeat remixes of anime theme songs (a CD series called "ParaPara Max") by J-Pop singer Yoko Ishida. Not only did Taryn perform with her at several concerts, he was also featured in her 2-disc concert and dance Lesson DVD, in which he gives step-by-step dance instructions as well as does some dancing himself. The DVDs are called "Anime-Pop Star Yoko Ishida Live In Concert" and "ParaPara Max: The Moves 101".

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