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Taryn, as drawn by Likeshine.

Taryn Lee Zouryx (born September 27, 1986), also known as Taryn Wahboi, Pandabutt, and Pandapawsies, is a furry writer from Nashville, Tennessee. He is best known for being a ParaPara dancer, and has been attended a number of fur cons since early 2008.

He enjoys anime, video games, dance music and all forms of it (namely Eurobeat), bright colors, and most things nerdy.

Taryn lives just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, and is attending Middle Tennessee State University. His major is Digital Media Communications, and he is minoring in Japanese language.


Taryn, as drawn by BlueBlur8Lover.

Taryn's fursona is a 17-year-old red panda. He has blond headfur and light purple eyes, as well as abilities in magic and aeromancy.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Taryn participated in the Furry Variety Show at RCFM in 2008, demonstrating a ParaPara dance.

Cons attended[edit]


  • Taryn choreographed ParaPara dance routines to Eurobeat remixes of anime theme songs (a CD series called "ParaPara Max") by J-Pop singer Yoko Ishida. Not only did Taryn perform with her at several concerts, he was also featured in her 2-disc concert and dance Lesson DVD, in which he gives step-by-step dance instructions as well as does some dancing himself. The DVDs are called "Anime-Pop Star Yoko Ishida Live In Concert" and "ParaPara Max: The Moves 101".

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