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Tarr at RivFur 2013 (Photograph by Boxer Fox).

Tarakan Alopex (usually shortened to Tarr) is an Australian male fursuiter who lives in Brisbane, Queensland.[1] His fursona is a primarily white Arctic fox with a black leg sock and black ear tips.

Fandom discovery[edit]

Tarr's affinity for anthropomorphic creatures started at a young age, after watching Robin Hood as a child, and was fueled by subsequent films of a similar style. However, he did not openly identify himself as furry (not knowing that the fandom even existed) until late 2010.


Tarr's fursuit was built by White Chocolate & Raspberry Costumes in 2012.


Tarr has appeared at the FurDU, RivFur, and BunFur conventions, and he also attends the CBFM furmeet.

Community contributions[edit]

Tarr has donated to the RivFur Charity Auction since 2013.


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