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Tarot, as drawn by Shaza.

Tarot (born February 11 1998) is a male Furry fan who currently resides in Wisconsin. He is bisexual, and a self-described Redwall fanatic. Furry characters of his include his fursona Tarot, a male ferret; Tekhonataar, a dragon god of winter; Desmond Steele, a muscular Appaloosa x Palomino; Tarot, a male sable ferret; Brigadier Bartholomew B. B. B. B. Waltscallow, a militaristic hare; and Jayden Troya, a wolf.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Tarot first learned of the term "Furry" in 2012, when he stumbled upon a site dedicated to the 1990s Roleplaying game "Furry Pirates", which appealed to his already extensive roleplaying experience at the time, as well as his long-rooted love of Brian Jacques' Redwall Series. Digging deeper led him to discover the Furry Fandom itself.

His first experiences with anthropomorphic characters, however, primarily concerned Disney films like The Lion King, The Great Mouse Detective, and Oliver & Company, but his first interaction with a community of people who love anthropomorphic animals began in 2009 after he picked up his first Redwall novel in a Franco-English bookstore- the Fantasy epic Salamandastron. Looking up the Redwall Series online allowed him to discover (and later join) the Redwall Wiki, the Redwall Wars Wiki, and the Vulpine Imperium, creating many tight bonds with fellow Redwall fans along the way as well as kickstarting his interest in reading, writing and drawing.

Since discovering and falling in love with the Furry Community, Tarot has joined the feral wolf Roleplaying site Apocalypse Hills (one of his all-time favorite sites), the now-nonexistent adult site Furry2Furry, and the social media and art-sharing sites DeviantArt, SoFurry, Fur Affinity, Weasyl, Ferzu, and e621.net. He was present at FurSquared 2017 as "Tarot".

He is currently going to school for an Associate's Degree in Business Management.

He considers his closest friends in the Fandom to be fellow writers, artists and roleplayers Gren and Shaza, as well as roleplayers Bluestripe the Wild, Eyegrim, and Sebastian Thurtide, and fursuit maker and roleplayer Bryson.

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