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TaniDaReal is a German furry artist and fursuiter. She works as a media and graphics designer (web and print). Since 2012 Tani is married to Richard_Nightfox.

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Fandom involvement[edit]

TaniDaReal is part of the Eurofurence staff (Charity team, PawpetShow). In the Eurofurence pawpet show, DoPE, she played Mika, a tough snow-leopard girl, in 2012 Vesonia (an arctic vixen), and various other characters. In addition, she managed overall set design and backdrop creation. On the F8K radio show she was a gag author and voiced various characters for the radio sketches. Her husband Nightfox and she organized the New Year's party LaerCon (Bochum, Germany) in 2012 and 2013.

Conventions attended[edit]

TaniDaReal was Guest of Honour at ConFuzzled 2010, Furry Connection North 2011, RainFurrest 2011, MiDFur 2012, ScotiaCon 2013, Megaplex XIII (2014),[1] and Furnal Equinox 2016.[2]


TaniDaReal's fursona is a grey "schnolf" (wolf / snow leopard hybrid) with a black dorsal stripe. The schnolf replaced the former grey snowleopard version.


Tani created and built four fursuits: Two of her character - old lioness form (2002) and new snow leopard (2004), one of her silverfox-wolf hybrid character Savoy (2006), and one of her new character Daiquiri, the Transilvanian Wild Dog, built together with Nightfox.



Savoy is a female silverfox-wolf character created and owned by TaniDaReal. The character was created in 2005.

Since 2006 the character also appears as a fursuit. The old fursuit version made by herself (in 2006) was retired. Since 2012 she wears the new Savoy fursuit, created by OneFurAll.


Daiquiri at CFD November'08

Daiquiri is a female Transilvanian Wild Dog (Lycaon pictus transilvanus), also a Vampire. The name derives from the Daiquiri cocktail, because of her sugar-like ear-tips[3].

The Character was created by TaniDaReal in 2007/2008 and built as a fursuit by herself and Nightfox. The fursuit was presented first at Cologne Furdance Edition 2 in November 2008.


Tani's art is well-commented on art sites such as Fur Affinity or deviantART. She works with both traditional and digital media, but also experimented with sculptures and plushie creations. She likes to draw a mix between toony and realistic art and has a fable for extraordinary fur markings and colors (including hybrid characters).

She also creates and produces furry items / merchandise with her art on it, like t-shirts, calendars or beer coasters.

Some of the projects done by her are:

  • the flippable Mood Badges, started in 2008
  • the WeuUkoo Wolves (her family pack of grey wolves)
  • various printed t-shirts (like the two-sided 'stuck' series)
  • artwork for the Pittsburgh AnthroCon t-shirt, published in 2013
  • several furry website (personal sites, conventions)

Did you know? The Tani fursuit made a cameo appearance at 1:25 in the October 15, 2008 installment of the online video game review series Zero Punctuation.[4]


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