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Shawntae's "Ebony Leopard" deviantART ID

Shawntae Howard, also known as Ebony Leopard, is a digital artist from Pennsylvania, USA,[1] and the creator and artist of Extinctioners, a comic about anthropomorphic superheroes, published by Shanda Fantasy Arts and Angry Viking Press.

The majority of his artwork can currently be found on deviantART under the alias Ebonyleopard.


Fandom involvement

Shawntae was a panelist at Anthrocon 2000 and a Guest of Honor at Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend in 2006, and at Morphicon 2013.[2]


Shawntae's anthro avatar was a black panther, with glasses and white markings on his face, who went by the name of Tamar. His avatar has since changed, and Tamar is now just used as a standard character, or for simple name recognition.

Convention attendance

Angry Viking Press

In January 2009, Shawntae moved the comic Extinctioners from Shanda Fantasy Arts new small press publisher Angry Viking Press, continuing the series with issue #16. The comic is now published in fully color, a feat it had not seen since it's original issue which was released by Vision Comics back in July 1998.

Angry Viking Press has also released a mini-series titled Extinctioners Origins, that retells the first story from the now out of print Vision Comics #1 issue.


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