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Tamago Bakudan (たまごばく団) was a Japanese kemono/furry doujin circle which was active mainly from 2007 to 2011.


The founder was Karasu Mikazuki who contributed to joint-doujinshis of KEMONERS02 which was the prominent doujinshi circle in the first half of 2000s and was closed in January 2004.

From 2007 to 2011, Mikazuki published eleven comic/manga joint-dojinshis: The main series was "Seishun 18kin Kippu (青春18禁切符, Youth R18 ticket)", that were issued six volumes and have around 100 pages. Except for this, they issued a series of doujinshi titled "Gashou (賀正, Happy New Year)" that has around 40 pages on the each new year of 2008, 2009, and 2010 on the theme of the zodiac of the year to come. They drew not only original characters but also those on Pokemon, Chocobo etc. Because there were no Kemono bookfair, they sold their books only at Comic Market.

In 2011, when just beginning the era of Kemono bookfair, Tamago Bakudan was closed mainly due to the of private affair of Mikazuki. At the same year he published "Complete Works by Karasu Mikazuki +α (三日月からす全作品集 +α)" on CD-ROM.

In August 2014 Tamago Bakudan was reopened and published a doujinshi "Shin UruoiBodies"(Moisture Bodies) on Pokemon. However after this, Mikazuki launched his own doujin circle "Honenuki Chicken (骨抜きチキン)" and never has published books under the name of Tamago Bakudan.[1]


  • Seishun 18kin kippu vol.1 (2007)
  • Seishun 18kin kippu vol.2 (2008)
  • Seishun 18kin kippu vol.3 (2008)
  • Seishun 18kin kippu vol.4 (2009)
  • Seishun 18kin kippu vol.5 (2009)
  • Seishun 18kin kippu vol.6 (2011)
  • Gashou 2008 ver. (2007)
  • Gashou 2009 ver. (2008)
  • Gashou 2010 ver. (2009)
  • Bakudan Bon (2011)
  • Karasu Mikazuki Complete Works (2011)
  • Shin UruoiBodies (2014)


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