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Talzhemir (also called 'Manda or Penumbra) is a furre and artist. She is the author of the original canon material that underlies the game[clarify] (such as the Primes) and many of its signature terms (such as "furre"). She made most of the standard and Silver Sponsor patches for Furcadia, where she is marked as a feline, although her true species may be otherwise.

Talzhemir used to work for Origin (now Electronic Arts) on games such as the Ultima series. She now works as Conceptual Designer, Art Director, Game Designer, Continuity and Canon Source Material Writer for Dragon's Eye Productions, which she co-founded with Felorin. She was a guest of honor for Further Confusion 2001.

She is the co-creator of "Pocket Universe" which is the "house engine" of the company UNIgames. It forms the core of the tabletop roleplaying games "Quicksilver Lite" and "Bethorm the Plane of TekumelĀ®"

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