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Talmi is a species of feline marsupial alien from the webcomic Last Res0rt.

They live all over the galaxy. There are several planets and colonized moons considered to be Talmi strongholds. The most notable of these is Planet Arael.


Talmi are diminutive furry creatures with humanoid builds, ranging from 3-5' in height, with large, rounded ears, tufted tails, and marsupial pouches which house their young. Both male and female Talmi have these pouches, although male pouches are not as elastic or expansive (and hence the openings are not as visible as on a female).

Their bodies are covered with a short layer of fur, although the hair on their heads can grow out to be longer and is sometimes different in color from the rest of their fur. Fur colors are fairly muted, and resemble those of modern house-cats, including tabby and calico patterning.

Talmi believe their ancestors were similar to the Thylacine.

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Last Res0rt by Rachel Keslensky
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