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Talla'doon MUCK was a "a fantasy furry muck that takes place in the world of Talla'doon, a unique environment where a multitude of furry races are available"[1]

The MUCK was based on the world of the webcomic Furfire, by Angela Beaman. It was a role-playing MUCK that allowed the participants to have one or more characters to play, ranging from humans and furs, to firewolves and other species original to the webcomic. This also included some species not seen in the comic itself, such as faeries (or rather a furry flavour of faeries), weres and dragons.

The MUCK was hosted privately by Felix McKline and Forestcat for the entire duration of its existance.

  • Addresses:[1]
    • MU* server: talladoon.servegame.com, port 4565
    • Website: www.talladoon.servegame.com
  • Ran from/to: September 14th, 2003 - June 1st, 2005[2]


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