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~7~CyanFOX~7~ is a Non-Anthro / Quad / Feral Cyan ( Sky Blue, CMYK Colour Gamut ) FOX...

Date Of Birth: 07 SEPT 1986

Residence: New York State Born: Albany County, NY

"Up State" NY

~7~CyanFOX~7~ Is a Fan of Social Networking and Originally came into the fandom circa 2003-2004 as a Socialization Experiment to help him develop his Interaction Skills due to the deficit provided by his High Functioning Autism ( HFA+ ) Under Diagnosis of "Asperger's Syndrome."

~7~CyanFOX~7~'s Parent's and ENTIRE FAMILY are Completely Gay-Friendly and He even got his Father to Read Circles ^_^, albeit, his mother is a Hypocrite...

Interests: Computers, Social Networking, Psychology / Sociology, Engineering, Botany, Cooking, Biology, Session Initiation Protocol ( SIP ), XMPP/Jabber, Open Source, UN*X, Guided Meditation, Alternative Spirituality, Politics, The Arts!, Music, Reading ( Non-Fiction / Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and some Fiction... )..

~7~CyanFOX~7~ Has a high spatial ability that helps him with navigation that you may hear him refer to as "FOXNAV" he also is very good at estimating "fit" to 3D space :3 however, he has trouble reading analogue time as well as had to learn how to "transcode emotions" in terms of reading, processing, matching, indexing, and then acting on the data... this takes a lot of time, but it seems "natural" and or "transparent" to the other individual being "indexed..."

When Tired, ~7~CyanFOX~7~ May Refer to him being at his "Lower Elevens" ( Lower 1:1, in terms of process / success ratio ) and Caffeine does not help him to stay awake, in fact, it has a paradoxical affect upon him x.x

~7~CyanFOX~7~'s logic is based upon cost/benefit/efficiency scales and therefore, how he looks at the whole scheme of "lying" and how he instead changes the presentation of events, or the sequencing of events that may provide for the receiving party to make the most likely / plausible, albeit incorrect presumption based upon said presentation of events..

~7~CyanFOX~7~ Is errant and distracted, and may seem terse or impolite if he "cuts you off" but that's based upon his efficiency principle of if there is nothing to be gained anymore from the interaction and instead of wasting valuable time/resources on continuing the "small talk" he'll just cut the other individual off or excuse himself using a "business closing"

"Thank You for choosing ~7~CyanFOX~7~, your patronage has been valuable to us..." however, this ending is used across the board in conversation, not just for impromptu cut offs, because of his "Equality Principle" which states that everyone should be treated equally unless there is appreciable need to re-delegate the interaction protocol and or indices to provide for a more efficient and or less stressful future interacting body / set...

~7~CyanFOX~7~ 11:57, 23 February 2007 (UTC)

~7~CyanFOX~7~ 09:03, 27 January 2009 (UTC)