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I’m leaving furry.

After moving to San Francisco in 2011 I found furry by way of the pup/leather scene, and since then I’ve put so much weight and emphasis on “furry” that for the past six years I’ve neglected something far more important - myself.

I’ve spent countless hours and dollars chasing this thing that I’ve allowed to perverse my entire being, all the while passing by opportunities for career growth and personal development - not to mention all the debt I’ve allowed to accumulate and persist by not being as responsible as I should be.

Beyond that, I’m struggling more and more with how I conduct myself in certain situations and simply fail at respecting people and processes and decisions made. I am sorry for the discomfort and anger and hurt and distress I have caused.

The best decision for me to make is to not participate in this hobby anymore, and by extension say goodbye to those left who stuck around despite my continued shortcomings.

This is not to blame “furry” for any of my issues, but being as “furry” is all I’ve been for six years and not much else, so…

As for my character, it’s done. “Toboe Coyote” or “Wolfyote” or whatever, is off to permanent retirement. I release all rights and claims and blah blah. Any existing physical effects including badges and physical art will be properly disposed and recycled.

I’m starting from scratch here, plain and simple. This means I deleted everyone’s contacts and even communication history.

As for WikiFur, I'll leave it up to the curators to decide what to do with my page. Please delete my user account or whatever, as I won't be logging in with it again.

It’s time to go and be the adult I should be. I’ll still be around and might even pop up now and then, but I need to focus on being me for a while.

~ C