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Trolling and user behavior[edit]

As stated by Mwalimu, If you notice someone trolling or vandalizing your userpage or the article about you, admins will usually notice their behavior and block them as quick as possible.

It's best (and asked) that you do not respond, antagonize, taunt, and/or insult them beyond reverting the edits on the article page, or commenting back on a civil, adult way on the talk pages.

If unsure how to deal with the situation, bring the matter to our attention by contacting one of the sysops on duty . Any other personal interaction with said troll/griefers that could be/is consider unacceptable behavior is to be taken to private mail, or any other form of communication that can take place outside this wiki's talk pages (Aim, Skype, ICQ, etc,...) - Spirou 04:20, 1 December 2008 (UTC)

Just wanted to adjust my links or so, like the deviantart stuff, I do not use that site no more. Thanks for understanding.