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Special Message writen by Sandragon[edit]

yaya myself :D

Wanna know mores about me heh? Im glad first to have fans around net XD ahah! whos have write all of this about me  :o ? who know me so much? ahahah! xD im so surprised! Ya my Fursona is a Dragon whos can take a Human form! I have create that beautyful form at 1987 i was around 6 yrs old i dont remember the day :/ I have always love dragons and drawing i got 24 yrs and i always love that :D

True name: Sandra Guérette I like by called Dragon , Sany or Sandragon Likes: CHOCO chips COOKIE!  :D and im a lil morbid in my taste! i like horror style creatures :3 Note me in Devianart or Furaffinity if yo wanna know me more ;D —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) .