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Nothing here,,, (Cries) Plushies are anyone and everyone. (Plushophiles) But lets talk Plush. People have many different collections of stuffed toys. My favorite ones have always been mice. (I'm Not Very Good,, So I'll Ball My Head Off With Happy Tears,, If Someone Does Indeed Edit This Page.) Plush Toys come in a variety of (Animals) to (None Animals) Sponge Bob couldn't really be referred to as an animal. Fievel Mousekewitz,, of course is an animal. See also But there's many other stuffed (Plush Toy(s) on the market. There are so many. Category Pooh I couldn't resist when I saw that nice fursuit of Pooh Bear. I couldn't seem to find (Specifically) a plush of pooh. Teddy Ruxpin And many other stuffed toys,, (Plush Toy) that people like to collect. I have a friend,, *I Haven't Asked (Not Listed)* Who has better then 1,600 (Plush Toys) Of course,, people who make him,, already know who I'm talking about,, without mentioning his name..

(Enough From Me At This Point.)

I'm really hoping someone will add to this,, because it really shouldn't be written by one single person. At least,, that's the way I feel about it.. It wouldn't seem right,, if a subject like this one,, was only written by a single person.

Please please,, someone add something,, and better references the these crappy ones..

And Thanks Very Much For Reading...

Fievel Jr...  ;-)  :-)

Ehh... I was hoping someone would've added something by now.
Not really sure what you're expecting to be added! This is the discussion page for the article. If you want to edit the article itself, you should be able to do that. Bear in mind that this is an encyclopedia article about plush toys as they relate to furry fandom; we're not looking to make a gallery of plush images or to duplicate the Wikipedia article on the topic. --GreenReaper(talk) 21:47, 26 July 2010 (UTC)