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Request for page removal, again

The time is 8:40pm Pacific time 8/22/2008. Twenty-four hours from now, I'm going to remove this page completely as I've stressed before that I have ZERO desire to be here. I've stayed quiet, I've not bothered anybody, and so this seems just and fair to me that this article is removed and forgotten about.

--Mozdoc 03:41, 23 August 2008 (UTC)

(gets popcorn and folding chair, sits down to wait for the inevitable fireworks when this page gets restored after Mozdoc deletes it) Cubist 06:41, 23 August 2008 (UTC)
Cubist, you always were an asshole - it's a wonder you're still alive. I suggest you go back to wanking and shut your mouth. John Cross 01:09, 3 September 2008 (UTC)
Interesting: Some random schmuck on the Internet, who is oh-so-solicitously-protective of the delicate sensibilities of a person that dispenses death threats the way Willy Wonka hands out candy, thinks I am an asshole... [shakes head with wry expression] You, Cross, are a silly person. I find you amusing. Don't ever change, okay? Cubist 11:39, 13 September 2008 (UTC)

Morning of November 11, 2008

Look damnit, if you would just talk to me on AIM maybe I wouldn't be editing the same stupid page to try and get your attention. I know you're there, talk.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Mozdoc (talkcontribs) .

I can't imagine that opinions have changed in the last (not even) four months. -- Sine 08:23, 11 November 2008 (UTC)
Reguardless, he has made another request for removal. This time directly to me. His opinion on the administration team is still rather low. He just wants this entire article deleted and locked. In his words "Like he never existed". The trouble is that both times this came to a vote, it ended in a tie more or less and the votes didn't get a whole lot of attention by our considerable user base. --Markus(talk) 08:32, 11 November 2008 (UTC)
Agreed. Finally someone else sees that the whole 'vote on this' system is broken. No, its not just broken, it never worked to begin with. There is no way me or my friends could've ever made it in our favor because no matter what, administrators will always find reason to make some of the votes not count, or just simply overwhelm it with sheer numbers on their side. No, voting for my exclusion is not going to work and it will never work because everyone is already too biased against me for it to ever work. I just want my name gone, like I never existed here. I never wanted my name on here to begin with and I think its complete bullshit that I have to get people from this 'community' to agree to something to get something done that shouldn't take more than one person to do in the first place. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Mozdoc (talkcontribs) .

About damn time you answer back. What makes you think that opinions haven't changed? How would you even know? I've volunteered at FC08 and did an outstanding job there. I've made amends to the users of FurryMUCK as well as Noriko, and have all but stayed quiet and nothing has happened to anybody for the better part of an entire year and yet that's not 'good enough' for anybody? I want my name and article removed off of WikiFur. There have been no significant edits or reasons given to continue to have it here and I want it gone, as I've repeatedly said ever since my name first started appearing here. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Mozdoc (talkcontribs) .

no, you have not made amends to me. please do not claim such things.
yes, i am being nice to you, and i am trying to help you understand why things are as they are. i still do not understand why i do this myself. but, it is not because you have made amends.
--Ayukawataur : FurBid-SF Administaur 19:53, 11 November 2008 (UTC)

An outside-ish opinion

I've kept mostly quiet on the subject, but I have a word or two to say as far as deletion. The person in question has made death threats, am I right? As well as several other quite serious infractions both on personal bases and to organizations. I think it's worthwhile keeping information here so people know what to watch out for. Just my two cents. I fully expect backlash on this, but so be it, I've said my piece. --IanKeith 23:43, 1 December 2008 (UTC)

Mozdoc hasn't committed any crimes outside of verbal abuse, if that's what you're asking. He has no public criminal record. `` 20:42, 15 September 2009 (UTC)

however, there is a court action that was taken against him. please see copy of public temporary restraining order. which he violated on more than one occasion.
--Ayukawataur : FurBid-SF Administaur 21:07, 15 September 2009 (UTC)
It is also worth pointing out that Mozdoc has made over 100 harassing phonecalls to my cellphone and left dozens of harassing voicemails. I posted them to my LJ recently: --Douglas Muth 21:40, 15 September 2009 (UTC)

Personal Request

Hey umm, i kinda think it's rude to post so much bad and not enough good about him on the page. I mean, i guess i agree with IanKeith about letting people know, but they should really make it less tl;dr and add some good about him. Because this entire article makes him seem like some sort of evil monster, not like who he really is (someone who has the balls to tell off an admin when he feels the need). So maybe if people could add some good, or not erase the good i add in. That'd be nice. :) Thanks. CherryParanoia 05:52, 10 August 2009 (UTC)

i have edit your additions. details about his many threat on kacey you did remove should not be remove. they are legally documented facts.
personal opinion about his personality should only be post if can be cited. i have long history with him. i have been through this many time. please be care full.
also, working at fc'08 is previously documented in introduction of same article and did not need to being say again. article i have writing in past of mozdoc performance at fc'08 is in reference section. it does give many good comment about him. read rest of many thing i have write from experience will find many not good too. he is what he is and must learn to change to better person if community is to see him as better person.
--Ayukawataur : FurBid-SF Administaur 06:38, 10 August 2009 (UTC)
I personally know him, and he's really not a bad person. :/ Just upset about the fact theres so much information about him online that he'd rather no one knew about. I deleted the death threats part because it's just details (saying he threatened, i believe, is enough to know) that he's upset people know. A lot of people can make death threats when they're angry. Doesn't really mean they're a bad person. Besides, this entire article is just negative negative negative... it should be shortened down a LOT, and people should maybe add in the fact he's not really a bad person like this article makes him seem. :/ CherryParanoia 03:41, 12 August 2009 (UTC)
i explain - you read. it is federal offense to make death threat online. the california supreme court did decide he did represent actual threat kacey life. that is why he was ban from so many convention for many year.
he also actively stalked her at convention more than one year time, and did require police intervention, and did require convention security intervention.
he has being ban from many site for active harassment and stalking of kacey, and of her wife. he has been ban from many other site for harassment and threats against other person/people, some direct some indirect, and some not related to his action harassment of kacey and her wife.
i have knowing him 7.5 year now. he has not change. all he does care about is what he does desire. he does not care who he does hurt if he does achieve that goal. he does still choose anger and choose to scare and hurt other people. he still does threaten, and still does refuse to accept responsibility for his choice.
no - he is not bad person. he is a person who does bad things. in same way a pit bull is not a bad dog, it still must be accountable for what it does do. and as owner of pit bull has obligation to warn people of danger, we have obligation to both warn people and document history of fandom, good and bad.
--Ayukawataur : FurBid-SF Administaur 02:31, 13 August 2009 (UTC)
Yeah, but a lot of people want their privacy respected about things like this. Like Muzz, who's page is protected. Why can't you respect his own privacy? Most people who read this read it, think he's a bad person, and he gets stuck with it. 'I've met him, talked to him... sure he's not a fluffy happy person, but he's not like, a mass murderer or anything. And from what i've been told and heard from others, his life is all free of drama except online where people won't give him another chance. And besides, he really doesn't want this page here, but you guys won't respect that. :/ I know you believe its your duty to let people know, but it's still just upsetting to him. I hate getting mixed up in it, cuz it's really none of my business, but i know exactly how he feels (i've been banned off sites for getting mad, and not given chances, as well as having a wiki page about me on ED i can't rid). I just hate that he's so upset about this. It's old news, really, and i don't think he's death threatened anyone recently... I guess i'd feel better about this page if someone would put a bunch of nice stuff about him up there too. Because this entire article focuses on the bad and none of the good. :/ CherryParanoia 21:41, 13 August 2009 (UTC)
respect? we look at what meaning that word.
esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability, or something considered as a manifestation of a personal quality or ability ~ dictionary dot com
why not respect this desire? refer above where i have state, he has not change. he still has no respect for wikifur, wikifur admin/staff. he has no respect for the right of artists. he has no respect for me, my site, or fact my assistant admin has a vote in operation. he has zero respect for my property, fa, da, lj, or any other person that is not mozdoc. he has no respect for the law, people who risk life every day to protect other with law, or for any thing that may be in the way of mozdoc get what mozdoc does desire at moment of desire. and, when he is face that which he must respect, he does choose to be angry, belligerent, threatening, and tantrum.
i have not ever being ban from any site. i do not anger, mad, upset. it does accomplish not any thing. anger is a choice, and if choice is to act way he does, consequence there is. that is call 'self responsibility compare to cause/effect'. mozdoc was warn many many time consequence of action and did makeing choice to make action that cause this issue.
he has many chance been give by many. i am one who has done. i am also one who is documented on that page as nice things have publicize about him. does not change what he is and how he does act. or how he does act every time he does contact me. you do not know how he does act then, just as you do not 'think' he does thret any more. fact and opinion two separate.
other thing should know - you are not first or last person he will convince he is poor person who has being wrong by society. you are not fault be cause not knowing what is past. but i ask, do not talk about respect that you claim he deserve if you will not respect the right of choice rest of us have.
--Ayukawataur : FurBid-SF Administaur 04:09, 14 August 2009 (UTC)

Article Removal

Moved from Mozdoc

As the owner of this name I should point out how pissed off I am about it being up here. I did not start this article about me and I have no desire to have it remain up here. I've demanded repeatedly to the WikiFur administrators to remove it immediately and all of its contents. What have I gotten? Absolutely fucking nothing. These pieces of shit fucking sorry ass excuses for administrators don't do a fucking thing, which is their JOB I should point out. Other people get their articles removed, names changed, and other shit done and it happens happily and without question for why. Me? I ask to get a fucking article removed and all I get is banned for weeks, months, or years on end which only makes me come back even more pissed off because I did NOTHING to warrant getting an article started about me and I sure as fuck am not going to tolerate it remaining up here and will continue to hunt down those that are responsible and do something about their existence.

Why haven't I gotten my article removed? Simple. The sacks of shit here claim that I've "done something worth warning others about", and that's the only fucking reason. Some lame ass piss poor excuse to make it so that they don't have to do their JOBS. GreenReaper is an absolutely useless piece of DOG SHIT. He's supposed to be the god of Wikifur because he created it. And what does he do? NOTHING. All he does is appoint other piece of dog shit administrators to handle everything, and what do they do? NOTHING. All they do is bitch, whine, moan, complain, excuse, and pretend that there isn't a fucking thing wrong with the world. Just getting my real life name removed from here was an act of god in itself and it took one administrator to just fuck over the rest and do it and tell them to fuck off. Thanks for that whoever you are but that's not what I wanted.


Just getting my real life name removed required these sacks of shit to "vote" on it. Oh great, like that ever got anything fucking done because since they're the administrators they can rig shit to fall into their favor no matter what I do so therefore NOTHING GETS DONE. I do not tolerate, pretend to like, love, or worship administrators and I make no attempt to hide this fact. ADMINISTRATORS ARE FUCKING WORTHLESS, BRAINLESS, DICKLESS, MOTHER FUCKING ASSHOLES AND THAT'S ALL. Absolutely useless. If they actually did their fucking job I wouldn't be having to write this would I? No. This article would be gone and I'd be much happier continuing my life in the furry fandom, cesspool of shit that its turned into.

So after being banned for a MONTH by some dick sucking prick Doug Muth, whoever the fuck you are, I come back and make it a point to find administrators and once again ask that my page be removed and no questions asked about it. What happens? Fuckface GreenReaper bans me for infinite time. What the fuck for? I WANT MY FUCKING ARTICLE REMOVED YOU PIECE OF SHIT. REMOVE IT. THERE IS NO REASON TO FUCKING KEEP IT.

And as for you, Doug Muth, how about answering your god damn phone? I'm obviously calling you for a FUCKING REASON TO BITCH YOU THE FUCK OUT YOU ASSHOLE OVER BANNING ME FOR THE LAST MONTH. You think that I'm just going to come back and pretend everything is fine? If that's the way you think then you should be shot in the fucking head because you got another thing coming. I DO NOT GO AWAY AND FORGET THOSE WHO'VE FUCKED WITH ME AND THINK THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT AND YOU INSISTENTLY BEING THE ONLY PERSON REVERSING CHANGES TO MY ARTICLE, BANNING ME, AND OTHERWISE FUCKING WITH ME WILL NOT GO UNPUNISHED.

It also doesn't fucking help that some asshole Noriko (Ayukawataur) thinks that this article should stay up. Again, WHAT THE FUCK FOR? So there was a legal issue between me and you that's since EXPIRED. Let it the fuck go you dickheaded piece of shit. Its over. Let it the FUCK GO. Whatever happened between me and you does not need to be told about to the entire fucking world to serve as some fucking warning to everybody else who I choose to fucking talk to.

This is the article about ME, so the rest of you fucking administrators can just fuck yourselves. Do not reverse any edits I've made because if I'm going to be FORCED into remaining in your fucking database I want people to know WHY I'm here. It isn't by my fucking choice. YOU PIECES OF SHIT REFUSE TO DO YOUR FUCKING JOB AND REMOVE THIS ARTICLE TO BEGIN WITH. YOU ALL SHOULD BE FUCKING KILLED FOR ALL I FUCKING CARE. NOT LIKE YOU WILL BE MISSED.



End move —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) .

Mocking the Dead

Can someone who writes wiki articles well add to the Argon part of the article his mocking of the guy's death and gleefully cheering at Mavra now being a widow thanks to the @toading 10 years ago? for link goodness of his desperate need to be in a mental hospital.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) .

And this is bothering you because...why? If there was any validity to Argon and Mavra being married physically in the real world, I'd love to see it. Really I would. I really would. Because as far as I'm fucking concerned the two delusional asses considered getting "married" the events being roleplayed out on a fucking MUCK system and so that means that in real life they're still single and unattached to each other. If they were married Mavra would've known that this Argon had died right away the day it happened December twenty-second. Instead, she isn't married to anybody and found out about it two days before the end of the year, December thirtith. I'm sorry but I cannot take these claims of being "married" as valid when it was obvious that they never were. Am I the only one seeing this?


opinion move

Moved from :page reason : opinion does not belong on :page. it does belong on :talk for every person who does claim such nice, is possible to present as many or more who claim opposite.

= Basic info =
Mozdoc's basic personality is considered normal among the community with one main fault: impatience. It is a known fault that he acknowledges. To cure this and learn patience, he has taken up creating artwork. He's still learning the basics, and is wanting commentary on both his artwork and all the problems he's supposedly causing; the more direct communications with him, the more he'll learn about things.
STrRedWolf has met Mozdoc in person at Further Confusion 2010 and found him rather likable in real life, if just initially misguided.

--Ayukawataur : FurBid-SF Administaur 02:16, 12 February 2010 (UTC)

One sided controversy

The existing bans and the listing of controversy that is heavy-handed and one-sided against Mozdoc only serves to further set back Mozdoc's intentions of fixing his behavior; infact, it only worsens it.

Infact, has Kacey contacted Mozdoc first off to tell him of the copyright violations? Where's the documentation in that? There's little fact in that here.

STrRedWolf 00:05, 13 February 2010 (UTC)

it is all a matter of public record. all documentation of communication with him, his parents, and even his national guard unit, is documented and in the file that was submitted to the courts. if you wish to see such, request it through proper channels. it will then be from the court, official, and free of any bias.
i would suggest you not dig too deep on that though. if it were documented here, it would only make him more angry and may hurt his situation more.
--Ayukawataur : FurBid-SF Administaur 01:57, 13 February 2010 (UTC)

Ayukawataur, you contacted his National Guard unit???? WHY????? WHY on EARTH would you drag unrelated individuals into this? Do you realize that doing so makes it look like a cheap shot, just to "get even"???? 00:50, 28 June 2010 (UTC)

My $0.02

A message to Mozdoc, as well as why this still exists (courtesy of me, from my experience) Mozdoc has shown himself to be a bit of an ass; Much like certain CS:S admins I've run into. In fact, Mozdoc in many ways has shown himself to be the most inadult people i've ever had the unpleasure of meeting.

First, he does something retarded (okay, lots of furs do stupid things). He then goes off and evades the punishment he's been given instead of going "okay, I was an idiot, lets talk this over like adults." In doing so he proves he has the fundamental mentality of a child. A spoiled one at that.

Second, when his actions lead to people being really upset at him, he blames other people and starts throwing a temper tantrum.

Third, when people still wont clear the page he becomes irrational. To be personally honest, I'm surprised that he hasn't been sent a few more bottles of Mydol.

From the bowels of the FA admin pits The FA side of the Mozdoc story.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Torinir (talkcontribs) .

This deserves to remain

I vote to preserve this page for informational purposes so people do not further get harassed by this user. Nobody deserves to be persistantly harassed and threatened with bodily harm.

When you get infamy for threatening to track and kill users down after they disagree over things such as art requests, you deserve to have your name smeared everwhere so everybody knows what you have done. This is what you get for being a dick to people when you don't get what you want and go on a ragefit. You have reached about the same infamy level as Sibe, Dracoguard and Ajna with your antics, Mozdoc.

That's right, rage some more with excessive cursing..that only reinforces what has been said about you. ILoveWario 15:59, 14 February 2010 (UTC)

Some Personal Advice for Mozdoc

As a matter of clarification, when the government decides that something is illegal, it is taken as such. Threatening someone, be it meant as a joke or serious, is still a threat. Mozdoc has made death threats, this is not a joke and the government backs this decision. When a pedophile is discovered, the government has decided that everyone that lives near that person should be aware. They have to tell their neighbors that they are a pedophile and warn them upon moving in. There is no longer any privacy permitted. The same is said for murderers who have been granted parole, bail, what-have-you. If you are and can be considered a threat to those that live around you, it should be known. Mozdoc should be thankful that his real name and address are not exposed to the community as the government would have done. I am not comparing Mozdoc to a pedophile nor a murderer. I simply use the two for clarification purposes. If you are deemed a threat to society, you no longer have privacy. I am sure this article being here upsets Mozdoc. He has every right to be upset. But as has already been stated by numerous other people, this is a penalty of your actions that you unfortunately have to deal with. Swearing will get you no respect.

If you want to be taken seriously, then apologize without rudeness or sarcasm. This kind of thing can not be forgotten, unfortunately. You can not pretend to have never said these things. You can wish all you want, but people will remember that what you have said was rude, hateful, and disrespectful. If you want to be taken seriously, a good start would be typing up a reply and before you hit "submit," go back through and remove every curse word and everything that can be construed as mean. I promise that you will be amazed at how friendly people can be. BUT, keep in mind that you are not going to get forgiveness overnight. You want this to become an unfortunate nightmare of your past, you need to stop treating people as if they mean nothing. Everyone means something and apparently these "nothings" have the power to ignore you.

People build bridges. And while you may burn down bridges as you cross them, people will repair them and build new bridges. Life is about taking wrong turns and if you ever have to backtrack across one of those burnt down brides, you will need to help repair them and ask permission to cross first. If you try to stomp across a bridge that you burnt before it can be repaired, you are going to fall. Build your own bridge and show people the craftsmanship of it. If someone points out that there is a nail sticking out that could potentially threaten the structural integrity, ask them to help you fix your bridge for stability.

(Personally: I believe everyone deserves a second chance. Mozdoc has been given more than 200 second chances. There is no longer any room for forgiveness. I have never taken what others say about someone at face value, I choose to meet said person and make my own decision. Mozdoc does not scare me, but I can assure you that I have no desire to ever meet him and make any kind of opinion for myself. If you want people to like you again Mozdoc, you need to calm down and apologize to people without the backhanded apology. Everyone has done something that they are not proud of. I have said things that I wish I had not. Usually while being sick and taking medication, something slips out that I was unable to filter, or something came across the wrong way. I wish I had not said it, but the damage is done. Some people forgive me, others block me and never speak to me again. It sucks, but such is their right and decision to respond any way of their choosing. There is no excuse, I was sick and said something stupid. Plenty of other people can manage to get sick and not say something stupid. I can not, so I accept full responsibility for my actions and take into consideration that I unfortunately may lose a friend from said consequences. It is not the end of the world. It sucks that I can not speak to them anymore, but hopefully I can meet someone else and not screw up that potential friendship.)

WolfeMasters 13:31 February 14, 2010 (EST)


This entire page is negative. I know he may not be the nicest guy around, and you have every right to make a page to warn people. But he has good points too. I've added things before to lighten the page slightly, and they're always deleted. Can't we put something in there to say like, "Despite all of these happenings, he's still an active part of the furry community, attending many conventions and fur meets." I mean, all of this stuff is clearly biased out of his favor. No one really listens to his side. And no one even ALLOWS there to be nice things about him on that page. It's really really unfair to him. Especially if he's asked repeatedly for it to be removed. ~~

Regardless of the information being negative, it is clearly documented fact. In this manner, Wikifur isn't much different from Wikipedia, in that a negative page is not necessarily taken down just because the subject wanted it taken down, if there is proof of the facts in the article.
If Mozdoc wants good things in this article, then he needs to start doing good things that can be verified. Then it will be put into the article. But, until then, this information will stay. I really do not see any bias in this article, since it is verifiable facts. Regardless of his own opinion of the matter, this is a record of the things he has done. So, like I said, he needs to start doing nice things and then we'll put that information on here. So far, nothing good has been shown on his part. SilverserenC 22:06, 29 May 2010 (UTC)
You say that "No one really listens to (Mozdoc's) side", anonymous person? Well, given the demonstrable fact that a highly nontrivial percentage of Mozdoc's "side" consists of stuff like "YOU PIECES OF SHIT REFUSE TO DO YOUR FUCKING JOB AND REMOVE THIS ARTICLE TO BEGIN WITH. YOU ALL SHOULD BE FUCKING KILLED FOR ALL I FUCKING CARE. NOT LIKE YOU WILL BE MISSED.", it's not entirely clear that "really listen(ing)" to Mozdoc would have any results that Mozdoc might desire. Dude needs to lighten the fuck up, and calm the fuck down. As long as his general approach to life can be accurately summarized as "why in God's name won't everyone in the Universe just fucking OBEY ME WITHOUT QUESTION, as is my fucking self-evident RIGHT!?!", he will continue to have a shitty reputation... Cubist 09:34, 6 June 2010 (UTC)

That's real rich Cubist, considering that YOU were one of the people (Along with GreenReaper and Spirou to name two) that actually continued messing with the guy here on wikifur. Only a real idiot wouldn't have seen through the charade of the vote to remove his name - especially when after voting was complete Green suddenly changes the rules and rigs the vote, I believe he said "because those in favor of removal didn't have as many edits as you, he, and the others who voted to keep his name in".

And YES, it IS one sided, as you and your friends Dmuth, Spirou, Spaz Kitty, Findra, DuncanDaHusky, Ayukawataur, KendricksRedtail, GreenReaper, Siege, Sine have proved time and again. 00:35, 24 June 2010 (UTC)

How very right you are, anonymous person! I freely admit to such heinous messing-with-Mozdoc offenses as asking him to substantiate his claim that he had seven votes in his favor at a time when (by my count) there were, in fact, only six votes in his favor. Clearly, I am a terribly, terribly awful person, and my general morals/ethics are, self-evidently, grossly inferior to those of a person who has a habit of screaming obscenity-laden death threats at people who commit the inexcusable crime of disagreeing with him!
Mockery: It's not just for breakfast any more... Cubist 23:38, 24 June 2010 (UTC)

Of course to this day you don't want to acknowledge the removed votes, not to mention your furry pal greenreaper's changing the rules after voting was supposed to be over, among other things. Anyone not a part of your "good old boy" club can easily see through the shams and scams. It's really hard to calm things down when a group of monkeys are egging things on for their own twisted amusement. faqing with people is NOT the national pastime, Cubist. And if you're too stupid to know the consequences of it, of where it ALWAYS leads to, then you deserve what your victims deal out to you.

Unlike you and your buddies, I KNOW Mozdoc's mindset. To understand and be understood. It doesn't matter who a person is - if you faq with them OF COURSE they're going to either become hostile or keep being hostile. Think about that, Cubist.

Oh, and nice try on belittling me with the "anonymous person" label. I suggest you get a better playbook. ;) 00:44, 28 June 2010 (UTC)

every two or three month pass, jeremy does have new white knight. he does convince that person how wonder full he is, and how wrong he is treat by the rest of fandom. and he does convince that person to place self in line of fire to fight his battle for him. this is normal, and it is some thing all of us who deal with him constant time are use to.
i have know him now for eight year. i have deal with him on line, in person, and more. i speak to him more than any person should ever be force to, but i do be cause i want to see him being a better person. i have desire to see return on my investment.
jeremy, or mozdoc as you know him, violated rules. he was warned of the consequences. he was given many chances to correct his behavior and to be a productive member of the community here and of many part of the furry fandom. i say again, many many chances over many years of time. he is responsible for his own consequences and for his own situation. he still refuses to accept responsibility for his actions of the past and does refuse to accept responsibility for action of present. he does not give proper respect, he has never done any thing to earn respect, and his constant actions both by self and by constant draft of other person to fight for him does zero but hurt self.
i know you will not listen to me, but if you do proper research, you will learn i speak truth when i say,
do not be one more of his puppet. enough person have being hurt by him. do not get involve in old battle that does not concern you. this is a private server and private system and those ho are in charge are in full legal right to respond to jeremy for his bad behavior. if jeremy does wish any change, he can hire an attorney.
--鮎川タウル 「宮雅味・記子」 02:08, 28 June 2010 (UTC)
ses an anonymous person: "I KNOW Mozdoc's mindset. To understand and be understood."
Well, since you're so knowledgeable about Mozdoc's mindset, anonymous person, how about you tell us where the overabundant obscenities, death threats, harassment, and convicted-felonious behavior come in? For instance, which does Mozdoc put higher priority on: Understanding other people, or obsessively screaming you're a fucking asshole and you fucking well better DO WHAT I FUCKING TELL YOU or I'll fucking KILL YOU IN YOUR FUCKING SLEEP you fucking worthless piece of shit at other people?
"Oh, and nice try on belittling me with the 'anonymous person' label."
What 'belittling," Mr. and/or Mrs. Didn't-Mention-My-Name? You are an anonymous person! If you got a problem with people saying as much, perhaps you might want to provide some sort of identifactory label? Oh, wait, you've got a (presumably) unique IP address. My apologies,; you are not, in fact, truly 'anonymous'.
Mozdoc has made his bed,, so he's just going to have to lie in it. He has reaped what he's sown. His every (social) action has an equal and corresponding (social) reaction. Instant Karma already has got him. Cause and effect. Mozdoc's problem is that he has, whether he realizes it or not, spent the last several years carpetbombing his reputation with magnesium-enriched napalm and sowing salt into the ground where said reputation used to exist. I do not envy him the task of rebuilding his obliterated reputation from the subatomic fragments he, himself, has reduced it to... but as long as Mozdoc continues to obsessively scream obscenity-dense death threats at people who don't obey his every word without question, it simply isn't possible for his reputation to improve. There is exactly 1 (one) person who can change the (long-standing, exhaustively documented) pattern of behavior which is the underlying foundation of Mozdoc's unenviable reputation... and that person is Mozdoc himself. Not you,; not me; not GreenReaper; but Mozdoc himself. You can go out proselytizing on Mozdoc's behalf as long as you like,, but no matter how effective your efforts at proselytizing may be, those efforts will be wasted the instant Mozdoc goes off on Yet Another Obscenity-Laden Rampage (WIth Or Without Death Threats). As well,, you can piss and moan about how awful all those other people are... but no matter how assiduously you bad-mouth other people, making other people look bad cannot and will not make Mozdoc look any better. Cubist 05:54, 28 June 2010 (UTC)