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Oh my God. Florida has a furry con. I never knew. <3

Rating section[edit]

I'm not happy with the outright removal of the "Rating" section earlier this year. While there is a case for undue weight, this is a historical article, not just a place to record the convention's current status (or to celebrate its "innovations"). Currently the convention chair's comments are only referred to in passing in the lede as "a variety of factors" which affected attendance. A paragraph or two covering the rating and focus on being an entertainment and "funny animal" event - avoiding the term "furry" - with an explanation of why (it appears to have been on the suggestion of Herbie due to MTV/Sex2k's Plushies and Furries) would be far more educational for our readers. Ideally this would be done by someone who has actually been to Megaplex, although the references in the removed section and above would be a good start. --GreenReaper(talk) 01:19, 9 July 2014 (EDT)

Personally, I enjoyed Megaplex in 2006 as an attendee without having any issue with the convention or its operations. I was unaware of any of the drama until the con chair wrote up the entry that you referenced. I lived a thousand miles away, but I did have a few friends in Florida who I met at Megaplex and I had never heard anything. So my personal experience as an attendee conflicted with the amount of attention the issue received. The referenced post also mentions rating as only one of a large number of issues raised. I do remember being aware that the Location change upset some people, though it didn't seem like a reasonable reaction to me, so that seems to me like a more significant item than ratings. Others who were closer to staff back in 2006 may beg to differ.
I also found that rating section to be somewhat biased, as the person who wrote it used the subjective remark "From its origin ... Megaplex has had a somewhat prudish reputation," giving the entire section an unfortunate negative spin, and implying that Megaplex's "prudishness" still lingers, despite the fact that Megaplex has NOT maintained such a reputation. There is no citation to anybody who has regarded Megaplex in the past as such, aside from Carl defending against it. To the contrary, the 2006 theme was dedicated to B movies which are typically not family friendly, and the section even continued by pointing out that Megaplex distanced itself from a conservative rating the following year. I have never observed the convention to be any more or less tolerant of sexual content than other conventions, although the code of conduct does discourage public displays of affection or inappropriate dress, and requires adult art to remain 'covered'.
Perhaps a brief line or two can be added to the beginning of the fourth paragraph of the "History" section, referencing the article. The "variety of factors" statement in the article summary could also be moved and consolidated into this paragraph. If the Rating is mentioned as a specific factor, so should the Location change, and many of the other points raised by Carl in the livejournal post. It also ought to be a lot clearer explaining that the con has moved away from the issues blamed for giving it a bad reputation... skippyfox (talk) 02:23, 9 July 2014 (EDT)