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Deleted Paragraph[edit]

Luskwood has been the center of controversy resulting from accusations from some SL users that the administration and owners of Luskwood have undue influence over Linden Lab policy. Several Linden employees, such as Frontier Linden, frequent Luskwood, and there have been accusations of unfair bans given at the request of Luskwood staff. In addition, some have proposed that Lusk's purported influence resulted in the reduction of sculpted primitive LOD (the way they look from afar), due to lobbying to have their tree (which uses such primitives) look better.[citation needed]

On the basis that: no citation has been provided after months, Frontier and Lindens in general haven't been seen in Luskwood on a regular basis for months, the sculpties claim is nonsense (why would less detail look better?), and the phrasing "some have proposed" is weasel words.Additionally, sculpted primitives are still under active development. It is handled by Sculptie Dev, a community driven group that's not controlled by any single member.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by DaleGlass (talkcontribs) .

By "less LOD" they probably mean "less affected by Level Of Detail", which means "more detailed compared to normal Primitive objects at an equal distance". Though, that still don't make much sense. Luskwood's trees are made with normal Prims, not sculpted ones. Some of their avatars, however, do make heavy use of sculpties. --猫夜叉ネコヤシャ 03:54, 23 November 2008 (UTC)

Non-Neutral Article[edit]

The current Luskwood article has been changed to including many non-NPV statements and grammatical frames that breaks standards. In addition, there are few to no references supporting made claims. As a whole, the article seems more geared to being an advertisement than a neutral and legitimate description of a certain aspect of the furry fandom. A near-total rewrite is highly needed, as well as occasional check-ups to make sure the integrity of the article is not compromised. 20:21, 28 March 2009 (UTC)

Luskwood Creatures and clarity[edit]

1) Luskwood article has about two paragraphs about Luskwood Creatures, and some of that Luskwood Creatures info isn't in the Luskwood Creatures article. Part of me wonders if Luskwood article should be merged with Luskwood Creatures article.
2) Article says "Luskwood also runs Luskwood Creatures", does that mean Luskwood Creatures is run by the Luskwood founders?
3) "They are also the creators of the Jogauni species," does that mean Luskwood Creatures are the creators of the Jogauni? --EarthFurst 18:42, 4 June 2009 (UTC)