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If we were to just copy and paste the spreadsheet's content into Wikifur right now, then there'd be two copies and they'd get out of sync.

I think what this means is, while the maintainers of the spreadsheet still want to keep it as a Google Doc, then that's where it has to be, and Wikifur just has to link to it. But if the maintainers of the spreadsheet feel like moving it into Wikifur at some point and making that the official copy of it, then that's great!

Well, it's a question of who would maintain it. It may be a useful thing to have, similar to list of furry LiveJournal communities, but it has to actually be the list, not a pointer to it. Otherwise, as Spirou has said, it's not suitable for its own article, but might be suitable as an external link on a related page, such as Telegram (which could also talk about how furries use Telegram, as LiveJournal does), or an article about its creator. --GreenReaper(talk) 18:37, 25 November 2015 (EST)