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Traduction française...[edit]

Hi ! I am a belgian fan of Furthia High, and when I saw that a French translation of F.H. was created, I immediatly got on the "French Club" page to have a look at this translation (I understand English very well, but my first language is French). And I've been seriously desappointed when I saw it because the french translation is really BAD ! The french version of the comic seems to have been simply translated by Google, the syntax is totally wrong, and certain expressions ("sacrebleu") are a bit outmoded in french-speaking countries. I'm sorry if I like agressive, I know that the French is not easy to learn, but if someone wants a guy to translate a text in a difficult language like french, german or russian, this person should make sure the translator can really speak this language ! If QuetzaDrake read my message, the best advice I could give to him is trying to find a French member of the Furry Fandom to translate the comic.

Furthia High is good anyway, and I enjoyed every strips since its creation in 2005. Beau travail, Quetza ! ;-)

P.S. : I'm sorry if I made some mistakes in my message, but I'm learning English since only two years. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) .

And whcih version of french do you know? I'm pretty sure FH is translated into 'French-Canadian', which operates differently than regular French.

Immelmann 17:00, 2 October 2008 (UTC)

Trust me, Immy, the french translation of FH is awful... It makes me remember the famous sentence "all your base are belong to us" (you see what I am talking about ?), but in french. I never meet a french-speaking canadian, but I'm sure he would think like me... —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) .

You'd be amazed at the differences between dialects. Don't complain to QD about this - you should instead concider e-mailing the translator him/herself. Look on the credits page and you get can an e-mail:

That aside, I think that translator has stopped translating anyways. Immelmann 19:25, 2 October 2008 (UTC)

Firstly, let me completely assure you that, yes, French-Canadian and French-French are almost completely positively different enough that you'd mistake it to be "Google-translated". Immy and I both had the same issue with our initial Spanish translations: there was originally only going to be one Spanish translation from a translator in Spain; however, people from Central America literally could not read them and also claimed it to be "Google-translated". The dialects and syntax of the two are so different that that mistake could be made, so, y'know, I assure you that the person isn't just sticking my comics into an internet translator.

Second, the translator who has made the translations of the comics up has mysteriously vanished, so I've already hired a new one in his place that actually is a Frenchman. I will probably be replacing the old ones for this new version, as they're that different.

So, yeah :T QuetzaDrake 19:34, 2 October 2008 (UTC)

I've seen the new translation of your work Quetza; it is really better than the old one ! Moass is really a french person, and I'm glad to see now a good translation of Furthia High. :)
Oh, by the way : after some investigations, I think I can now confirm that the first translation was made by google : the french-speaking people from Canada (Quebec) speaks almost exactly like the french-speaking people from France. I've watched a report about Quebec, and I've listened to some songs made by Les cow-boys fringants, a music band from Quebec. and there's really no big differences between the french from Quebec, and the french from France. I don't know if you were talking about the french from Quebec, but if you were, I can assure you it is nearly the same language than the french from France.
Bah, aucune importance. You found a new translator, he's doing a good job, everyone is happy ! :)